Joss Whedon 'Endorses' Mitt Romney, Harbinger Of The Zombie Apocalypse

Leave it to Avengers director/Buffy-creator Joss Whedon to surprise us all with his presidential endorsement.

You'd think, given his liberal leanings, that he'd be all about Barack, but no; he's a Romney man. Though, not for the reasons you might think.


    +500. That's awesome.

    What left wing wank. He slams Romney for being pro-business when it was Obama that shoveled billions upon billions of taxpayer money into the pockets of the investment banks on Wall Street. Where is the love of poor people in that?

      He's a wank for being passionate about his views and you're not I'm guessing?

      I think this video can be labelled under "satire". I just sorta came to that conclusion when Whedon endorses Romney so a zombie apocalypse can happen. You do realize he's not actually being serious, right?

        Pretty sure everybody else got that before clicking this article.

        Well, it is actually an endorsement for Obama, in a satirical form. He's having a dig at Romney for promising to roll back all Obama's policies for the last 4 years (which is a stupid claim anyway since Romney and Obama are almost identical in terms of their policies). It's a clever pro-Obama video, far better than the First Time video.

        And if that isn't enough endorsement for Obama, there is a link below the video on YouTube for Obama's campaign website with the encouragement to support him.

          You'd be pissed if say, Tony Abbott claimed he was going to get rid of Medicare because it was costing taxpayers too much. It's expensive, but it's worth every scent. And that's what Romney is planning to get rid of.

            You don't really know much about the US, do you?

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    Ah saw this one was good.

    What's a Romney?

    Such an awesome gent.

    What happened to you Joss. You used to be cool.

      Still cool

    I love joss whedon, but no one cares about your bleeding heart liberal ideology. Just make the shows/movies we love and leave you're politics at the door.

    So is he mocking Romney by suggesting he hates poor people or is he mocking those who are so extreme that they actually believe Romney really does hate the poor? It's difficult to work out if it's a parody or a parody of a parody.

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