Julie VS. The Dead: The Kotaku Community's Zombie Flick!

When my good friend, and Kotaku reader, Jamie Watt (better known round these parts as Dr. What) put out the feelers a zombie movie he was planning to make I thought, why not! I knew a massive group of folks from the extensive Kotaku community would be getting involved, and this sounded like as good an excuse as any to catch up. What I wasn't prepared for was the insane amount of fake blood I'd be dealing with...

Oh, and the fake brains. That was the hardest part. I had to watch Blaghman eat fake brains. I almost barfed.

Seeing as we're 'zombiefying' the Kotaku regulars this week for Resident Evil 6, I thought it might be worth just drawing attention to the awesome work a number of folks put into putting this together. It started out as a pretty small project but has become something quite incredible. We've put the early trailers here for everyone to check out, but stay tuned for the final flick, which the good Doctor is currently working on right now.

For now, let's check out two totally different early trailers, and give a big shout out to everyone involved. Thanks to...

Doc What Batguy Blaghman AlexPants Harli Anonymous Pessimest #35 Hugo The Barbarian Effluvium Boy

Oh, and here's the 1980s video nasty version of the trailer!


    Wow, how did you get Simon Pegg to agree to be in your zombie flick?!

    Last edited 19/10/12 3:43 pm

      Told him it was a Shaun of the Dead sequel.

    Anyone else read that headline as "Kotaku Community’s Zombie F*ck!"?

    Last edited 19/10/12 3:48 pm

      No but I hope that the sequel of that name is in the works... or perhaps that is the game to be released along side the movie release once R18+ hits AUS?

    Was my acting so bad that I don't rate a mention Mark? Ok :(

      Im going straight to the academy & nominating you for the Oscar for best zombie in a short film.

      ...what do you mean that's not a thing?

    And suddenly the RE6 ads around the site are strangely appropriate...

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