Kameo Was Originally An Xbox Game, And It Looked Amazing...

Kameo: Elements of Power was a launch title for the Xbox 360 and, in hindsight, it may have been the prettiest of the bunch. It's crazy, then, to hear that it was actually slated to be released on the GameCube and, later, on the original Xbox once Rare switched hands from Nintendo to Microsoft. Leaked footage from the original Xbox version has been leaked, and I can't believe how good it looked in its original form...

In fact, just from a quick glance, it looks as though many of the assets from the Xbox version actually made it into the 360 game.

The original Xbox really was a genuine beast of a console.

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    What has Rare been up to anyways? the last game I played from them was that banjo kazooie game like 5 years ago.

      They've been busy with Kinect Sports and tarnishing my childhood memories

      A group of ex Rare staff are actually talking about making a "spiritual successor" to Banjo-Tooie.

      They're just trying to gauge public interest before they actually commit to making it.

      The more people that follow them on Twitter, the more likely they are to make it.


    It's funny how there are a handful of games that came out this generation that were originally planned for earlier consoles. Kameo, Too Human and Duke Nukem Forever were all ambitious projects that had lacklustre releases after being pushed back.

    Strange how that happens. Can anyone think of a game that was actually successful after changing platforms mid-development?

      Halo? Originally supposed to be an RTS on Mac.

        I guess that counts. They did pretty much completely revamp the game, which makes a huge difference.

          Yeah, not the best example, but all I can think of off the top of my head.

    I remember when this was an upcoming Gamecube release, Kameo's Quest I think it was called then, along with Donkey Kong Racing. There were a whole slew of early Cube E3 videos and whatnot pre-2001. I watched that extremely early Metroid cinematic so many times (the one with Samus running down a hallway before firing at the screen).



    I'm pretty sure - and I might be showing my age here - that it was originally planned as a possible N64 title before being quickly switched to GCN, then XBox and then finally appearing on the 360. Loved Kameo. It shows its age (a bit like me) these days but it was tremendous fun to play in the early days of the console.

    Actually, it was originally being made for the Nintendo 64 and it got carried over to the GameCube. There's a actually screenshot of it on the Gamecube box as an upcoming title. Then of course Microsoft purchased Rare and it became an Xbox and consequently and Xbox 360 game.

    Ico and Eternal Darkness are the first to jump into my mind. Probably not massive sellers but still quality games.

    @trjn 's comment

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      Had a hiccup with my original reply.

      Interestingly enough, Eternal Darkness was another Silicon Knights title (as was Too Human).

    Kameo was a great game.

    Amazing to see what Rare could do with the original Xbox hardware. Actually, they're wizards with the 360 hardware too if Banjo N&B is anything to go by.

      Agreed that Nuts & Bolts is STILL one of the best looking 360 games.

    I liked Kameo, it was the first game I played in HD, but I wasn't very impressed by the graphics when it came out. They looked like (very good) last gen graphics ressed up. Same with Perfect Dark Zero. I was expecting more of the 360 at launch.

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