Kogan Taking Pre-Orders On $49 PS Vita Clone

PS Vita clones are already heading to the market place in China, but it looks as though Australia is set to have PS Vita clone of its own, as Kogan is now taking pre-orders on $49 device that, for all intents and purposes, looks like a machine custom built to play ROMs.

The device is advertised as having Game Boy Advance, SNES, NES playback and comes packaged with a custom built OS. It has 4GB of internal storage and supports all types of video playback. It also comes with pre-loaded with "hundreds" of games already available on the device.

It'll be interesting to see precisely how Sony will react to this, and local publishers. Nintendo for example most likely won't react too well its console games being made available on this device without any licensing whatsoever. The only way Nintendo games could possibly be played on this device is through illegal ROMs.

The device is not immediately available — Kogan is currently taking pre-orders and expects to dispatch those pre-orders on November 14.

We're currently trying to reach both Kogan and Sony for comment, and will update the story when we hear back.

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    Whats the rules on this?

    i will buy this if I have access to ALL the ROMS. If it allows action replay codes even better.

    I feel somehow compelled to note that when you look at the specs of this thing, it lists the form factor as "Taco".

    Does it come with sour cream and chilli sauce?

      Oh wow! I hope it comes with side-talking compatibility.

      EPIC LOL, laughed so hard at that typo on koagans website!

      Only buy it if the taco craps out ice cream otherwise it's no good

      I think that "typo" is referencing this http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_phone_form_factor

    What's worse is this thing is actually LOADED with games.

      Isn't that a good thing ;)

    Portable Yoshi's Island. Tempting.

      Like the one on the DS?

        No i heard they really borked the controls compared to the SNES version. I want the original Snes version of the game, on some sort of Virtual Console.

    Since the device is obviously selling preloaded with pirated material, I'm surprised you've chosen to link to it.

      Is it? It obviously has emulators, which are legal. It's not immediately clear whether the games are pirated roms, or whether they bought really old school games like similar products already on the market. I'm guessing the latter unless Kogan is a massive idiot.

      That said, it seems designed to facilitate piracy.

        It says it's preloaded with thousands of games and there's no chance they've licensed them on a product that retails for $49, but yeah whatevs I guess :)

          I'm sorry when did ALL games suddenly become licensed, it potential is stocked with freeware crap

        Emulators aren't illegal but the loaded ROMs sure are, especially if Nintendo and Sony are selling them in their digital stores.

        Yeah and it's not like Kotaku advertised Halo 4's leak which subsequently made me torrent search it...

      We're not supporting it, the opposite in fact.

        I didn't say support, I said link.

        Just letting Australia Know that something dodgy is on the horizon and be wary. But why that design none of the Old Skool games use the Analog Sticks or a screen with that dimensions.

    I love Krogans

    Last edited 29/10/12 4:14 pm

      I'm pretty impressed I got through this story without writing 'Krogan' by mistake!

        I think we are all surprised too...

        It is pretty impressive. I mean when I first read the article I thought it said 'Krogan'.

    Is this thing even remotely legal?

    I'm tipping there are no Nintendo or Sega games on it, just the emulators (which are not illegal), and that the preloaded games will be shitty flash games with no copyright.

    Tempting.. even the $29 one, without the camera, is tempting.. :)

    To be honest, I'm considering this. There are a few GBA games I'd like to play (namely Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga) and I'd like to have a big library of them to play, like I do for PSP games on my Vita. There's no legal way to get GBA games digitally like there is with PSP.

    However, I'm very suspiscious of this. Apart from the obvious illegality I'm not even sure this could run the games properly. No videos or anything.

    Check this out. The older version with smaller screen but same stuff for $20 cheaper. http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/portable-video-game-media-player-1000s-games/

      What's to say it's not like phone emulators, and it lags like the dickens?

      This is unfortunate. Posted this link up and someone saw it and posted it directly to ozbargain without tiny credits to me. So called got it from "email". Sigh

    For the price - I would assume it was a terrible build. If any good I would buy it for the TV outt and fill it with roms of games I own.

    fkkt I bought one. What do I care if Sony or Nintendo will take Kogan to court over it.

    People need to clock off the corporate clock; the overtime ain't paying.

    It's like a modern gp2x, sounds interesting..

    Looking at the description, it might not actually come with "1000s of games".

    The description on the Kogan site says "play hundreds of classic arcade games that you know and love", and "download 1,000s more games". It seems plausible that they have licensed clones of a few hundred classic arcade games, along with emulators for a few consoles. That would leave the actual piracy up to the user.

    This wouldn't shield them from claims of contributory infringement though.

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