Kotaku Reviews XCOM: Enemy Unknown And Dishonored

Two vastly different, perhaps equally great games hit store shelves later this week. And we've reviewed both.

Dishonored: The Kotaku Review

I would love to have been a fly on the wall during the pitch meeting for Dishonored. "Well, it's Deus Ex meets BioShock," someone undoubtedly said. "Oh hey, and let's throw in some Half-Life 2 'cause why not?" More »

XCOM: Enemy Unknown: The Kotaku Review

XCOM: Enemy Unknown should have been a disaster. It's a turn-based strategy title, a style of game its publisher said only last year was "just not contemporary". More »

Click on the links above to read Jason's review of Dishonored, which he calls a masterpiece, or Luke's review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which surprises him by remaining true to its predecessors in the best of ways.


    Why has Tina copy and pasted 2 other journo's work for this post?????????

    Don't get me wrong, both games are looking sweeeeetttt. But what new content has Tina given us with this??

      Maybe more of a "in case you missed these awesome articles" article.

        Well in that case i look forward to the "in case you missed the in case you missed these awesome articles the 1st time" article. :D

        Or maybe they didn't get enough page hits to meet their quota for those articles.. hehe.. yes, I'm kidding. :)

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