League Of Legends Playoffs Called Off, Moved To “Secure Location”

League Of Legends Playoffs Called Off, Moved To “Secure Location”

The World Playoffs for League of Legends, which had been livestreaming just fine, have been called off after serious network problems plagued the latter stages of the competition.

After games were paused and disconnected all afternoon, developers Riot Games decided to play the remaining matches in the tournament at a “secured location” later this week.

That use of the term “secured location” is interesting, seeing as many in the LoL community believe the outages to be the result of outside interference like DDoS attacks, rather than simple network hiccups.

I’ve contacted Riot Games for comment on the delay and move, and will update if I hear back.


  • I’m a huge DOTA fan but never managed to get into LoL. Hopefully DOTA2 fixes their latency issues for Australia, because right now it’s not playable for me.

    • really? I’m fine with the latency, you just gotta make sure you are only searching in the Asian servers so you don’t get stuck in America with 400+ ping.

      and iI tried lol when lol was the spiritual successor to dota, but then dota 2 came out which was dota 1 but way more playable, I completely stopped playing lol and can’t go back.

      good luck to their championships, but the international was absolutely amazing and I can’t see lol doing better.

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