Leaked Assassin's Creed III Trailer Recaps Series History, Teases Its Future

There's a chance that some of the people picking up Assassin's Creed III in a few weeks won't have played the previous entries in Ubisoft's hit historical action series. They won't know about the Altair or the Templars or the Animus.

Well, this trailer will bring them up speed in dramatic fashion. It's also narrated by someone very close to the series' modern-day protagonist Desmond Miles. Sufficed to say, it contains spoilers.

This video — which went live too soon, was region-restricted, reuploaded and posted to NeoGAF — might even be an in-game intro. Strangely, ACIII's hero Connor is nowhere to be seen. Odd bit of business, that.


    Is it me, or does that last shot of Desmond look like he's OPENING the apple of eden?

    Makes me wonder... what's inside?

      gold seeds?

    Looks like the recap intro they normally do at the start of the game but much better quality. An awesome recap that tells you as much as you need to know going in :)

    Did they change Desmond's face again...??

    i think it's great Q has had something to do since he stopped bugging Picard.

    So... that is John DeLancey voicing that, yeah?

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