Lethal Resident Evil Enemies, Eating French Fries And Hanging Out

In Resident Evil, Tyrants are mass-produced bio-weapons. They're scary! In Akihabara, they're the bald dudes staring at their fries. Which isn't so scary. It's actually kind of cute.

To promote the Resident Evil CG flick Resident Evil: Damnation, a trio of T-103 Tyrants roamed the streets, road public transportation, took escalators, posed for pictures, and glared. Lots and lots of glaring.

Japanese site 4Gamer was on hand to follow the Tyrants around; check out the photos below.

秋葉原に出現した"追跡者"タイラントを追跡してみたら,意外な一面が見られた。 [4Gamer]

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    I love that last picture with the umbrellas.

      Seems to be a guy on the right flipping them off.

    Read the title initially as "Eating French Out".

    So this is what the Blue Man Group gets up to when not performing

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