Lightning Strikes Multiple Time In This New God Of War: Ascension Trailer

I'm intrigued, but still a tiny bit confuddled, by God of War: Ascension's move towards multiplayer. The game's new trailer, which seems to introduce a new aspect of how the game will work, follows in those footsteps. I think it looks pretty cool, and the prospect of playing a multiplayer game where I'm not shooting at other people is refreshing, but I really wish someone would just explain, in simple terms, what's going on here!

From what I've seen and heard about God of War: Ascension, it looks as though this trailer is introducing the powers of Zeus, and what those powers can bring to your team should you choose to try and 'earn the favour' of Zeus through a levelling up system. At the very least it looks interesting. The team at Santa Monica has put a lot of thought into how they could make multiplayer work in the God of War universe, and I have trust they can pull it all together. I just wish one of these trailers was a bit more practical and specific in explaining exactly how it will all work!


    Sounds like it'll be a team combat game where each team has a different patron god with a different set of powers.

    *sees pic*

    Not sure if Zeus or Rob Zombie.

    ^^ lol

    I love this game similar to Darksiders gameplay but I prefer darksiders

      I fucking love Darksiders, but I'd say it's more accurate to say Darksiders is like God of War combat.

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