Long Distance Sex? There's An App For That.

Next January, Taiwan's LovePalz will be launching its long distance lovin' pleasuring gadgets. The devices, which seem to be designed for straight couples, have gotten Western news coverage — and more recently, Japanese.

The devices support iPhone, Android, and more, and the two set LovePalz has units for both males and females, with each being dubbed "Zeus" and "Hera". The male aid is lined with textured silicone, and the female one sports a phallus.

According to Japan's Shukan Post (via The Tokyo Reporter), using the app and the devices during masturbation sends data to the cloud via Bluetooth that's based on the velocity of the male's strokes. This is transferred to a piston in the phallus in the Hera unit, which matches the speed in real time. Data based on the female's sends that to the male's Zeus unit, causing the pump to "tighten", if necessary. In short, it's virtual screwing.

And what inspired this device and its app? "I was lonely during my studies as I couldn't see my girlfriend back in Taiwan," says the developer of the device, who was studying in the U.K. when he came up with LovePalz. "That was my inspiration. I want couples engaged in long-distance relationships to enjoy this product's benefits."

To do so, they'll need to shell out US$94.50 for a pair (there are also limited 24-carat ones for $US10,000). They are packaged with male and female units, and it's not clear if LovePalz will work with two Hera units or two Zeus units. (Not everyone has straight sex, you know!)

LovePalz was originally launched via Kickstarter, but that campaign didn't work out. The company says over 3,900 pre-orders have been made — and customers pay only once the product ships. One thousand of those pre-orders, it seems, are from Japan.

Call me maybe: Taiwanese smartphone gizmo Love Palz gives couples good gyrations [The Tokyo Reporter]

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    Not everyone it stright. But I think you have the wrong idea about what gay couples do.

    I mean, how could two Zeus's be used at once. It couldn't be done. Also irl it isn't often attempted I believe. People usually have to get inventive which I'm sure they could with this.

    I dont think any piston powered phallus could match my 'velocity' whilst jerking off, nor would any girl want to be pumped that fast...

      I'm sure there's one out there

    Rule 34?

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