Looks Like Grand Theft Auto V Is Ready To Be Shown To The Public

Looks Like Grand Theft Auto V Is Ready To Be Shown To The Public

Grand Theft Auto V is in playable form, and at least one reporter is getting his hands on it today.

Game Informer editor-in-chief Andy McNamara wrote on Twitter today that he’s at Rockstar, checking the next Grand Theft Auto game out for their December cover story.

We could see a release date very soon. Game Informer will likely reveal its December cover story and post details online during the first week of November.


    • Not a chance. There’s been barely a scrap of marketing for it other than the occasional screenshot. Nobody releases games this big these days without many months of saturation media coverage first and the big xmas games generally come out no later than mid-November. My guess would be 2nd quarter next year at the earliest.

      • I agree, but then, honestly, Rockstar could do a six week marketing BURN. Internet, posters rushed out to game stores etc and they wouldnt miss a freakin’ beat. Why? It’s become possibly the most anticipated AAA title of this generation now. For good AND bad reasons. GTA is now the James Cameron level movie event of console gaming (yeah yeah Avatar aside, Im talking ALIENS/TITANIC level movie event). People would rush to preorder like a mofo, would buy on day 1 like a mofo as well. Rockstar sure as hell wouldn’t lose a single sale.

        That being said, I still agree with you. April/May next year. Which sucks, Im full swing into Uni then :\

        • I don’t really see it as being any bigger an event than the annual COD release, and they still promote the living crap out of that for about 6 months every year.

  • I’ve always said Rockstar can take their time with V, make it perfect, release it when it’s ready and not a moment before. And now we’re kind of getting closer to an imminent release and I just want it now.
    I’m thoroughly expecting to be blown away by this game.

    • Really? Sleeping dogs was a fun distraction, however I never head the desire to return to it after the main campaign ended. I did no side quests, and had no desire to. In GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City I did everything, and have returned to the campaigns multiple times. I just didn’t feel the magic from sleeping dogs that I did from any of the GTA series, (Well, from 3 onwards).

      • Really?? I found IV to be most stale snadbox game I’d ever played.. Sand Andreas was great.. Vice City my favourite.. but IV? Booooring. They can’t please every person every time 🙂

        • I’m inclined to agree with light487. GTAIV in hindsight wasnt my type of game. As amazing as the world was, and the story and the characters, I’m more interested in crazy open world style games like Saints Row 3.
          Friends and I realized the other day that we didnt really LOVE any Rockstar games since San Andreas. Hopefully GTAV fixes that.

  • ^^ Although I did buy Sleeping Dogs, it didn’t feel any different to any other conventional open world game. Cool premise and everything, but I personally didn’t even get half way through the game without getting bored.

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