Looks Like Xbox Live Is Down From Some People

For the second time in less than a month, Microsoft's online service for the Xbox 360 appears to be experiencing problems affecting a broad swath of users.

Here's what the official Xbox Live status page says:

Members will experience difficulties attempting to login to Xbox LIVE. Our engineers are hard at work to find and implement a fix as quickly as possible. Keep checking back with us every 30 minutes for an updated message and thank you for your patience.

Kotaku will be checking on the status of the service and update this post as needed.


    My lego star wars 3 will never finish downloading :'(

    My Xbox logs into Live so much slower now, ever since that last outage a month ago. A little irritating.

      Yeah bad. Formatted my hard drive last night to see if it fixed the issue.


        me too!

        And here I was thinking it was my console/router >=/

    Outlook has been screwing up for me this morning too.

    THat would explain why I was getting "Security Confirmations" this morning, logged in after awhile tho...

    Ah, that happened to me last night whilst playing Borderlands 2, bummer

    I have problems just gettin into a CoD or BF3 game. Its getting very irritating.
    But there is a solution, play my PS3.
    I canremember whenPSNwent down people were bragging that XBox Live is too good to have anything go wrong with it, well looks like Xbox Live aint doin so great, can only play a couple of games a day of CoD or BF3 cause XBox live cant find a game or even keep one most the time.

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