Lots Of New Stuff In The Latest Naruto Game

I'm aware that most of you aren't massive Naruto nerds like myself, and you're probably wondering why you should care about a game featuring a strangely colourful ninja fighting an enormous dog that breathes fire , but still, I can't help but get excited for this game.

I'm aware of the flaws of the series — but as Naruto the show (and manga) ramps up to what I'm assuming is its conclusion, the stakes are high, and the game seems to reflect this. Footage from the trailer shows content based on story from the most recent episodes of the show itself — Gaara leading the Ninja troops, Naruto fighting to tame the Kyuubi. Good stuff. It also seems to have added numerous new characters from the newest episodes, including some of the old ninjas being dug up and zombiefied by Kabuto.

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    The fighting games are a lot of chaotic fun but they need to release an RPG based on Naruto... and if they have already anyone know what its called? i mean in english please, i cant read japanese unfortunately.

      There's Naruto: Rise of a Ninja and its sequel Naruto: The Broken Bond which are both 360 exclusives. They only cover the first 130 (?) episodes of the anime, tho... They really need to keep going with them; both games were awesome.

        I've played rise of the ninja didnt enjoy it, i was looking at something more like the old DBZ RPG's for the Snes, or even the GBA ones.

          Then you're probably out of luck. Naruto games only started getting released in English after the fighting games had gained heaps of momentum, which is likely why Rise of a Ninja took so long to get made. There's one RPG that looks more like what you're after for GBA in 2004, Uketsugareshi Hi no Ishi, but it's only in Japanese afaict. There might be others on portables, since the fighters only really took over the console market, tho.

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      Rise of a Ninja and The Broken Bond are Adventure RPG-like Fighters. Essentially you replace random encounters with Tekken style fights. They aren't for everybody but I really enjoyed them.

      there was those 2 games by ubisoft. They weren't 100% RPG though. and they only span series one. I only played first but the demo of the second made it seem a lot better than #1.

    Number of characters?
    Release Date?
    I'm glad I didnt buy Generations now. I'm happy to wait for this.

    I am utterly pumped for this. It's the best 1v1 fighting game ever made*, and also makes for a spectacular spectator sport. The number of times I've had my living room full of "NO! DON'T LET HIM AWAKEN! NOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH" "HAHAHAHAHA! AMATERASU!", it really makes for a fantastic group-play game with winner passing on.

    * - In my opinion. Perhaps not including the Smash Bros. series, since that's 4p. I value the visuals, the accessibility, the depth, and the attention to detail in the UNS series, so that's why I called it the best.

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    if I wanted to check out the Naruto anime, where should I start?

      read the manga, it's better, it's more lenient on your bandwidth and faster than watching it link

        Oh wow it is all there - thanks Guy!

      Episode 1 dude ;)

      to start, dont watch it in english, it's utter rubbish..
      Start at Ep 1, then after naruto and Saskue have there massive transformation battle, switch over to Shippuden, keep in mind that after about 120 Eps of Naruto you can probably skip roughly 30-40 without impacting the story at all.

      Or yeah read the manga instead

        Cheers. I really wasn't sure what the difference was between Shippuden or 'original'...

        Do filler episodes/material still run rampant in Shippuuden?

    Interesting, as a fan of the Naruto anime / games I am looking forward to this. Is there any word in wether this will feature an open roam world or will it just teleport you fight to fight like the most recent one?

      Unlikely; it'd be in trailers if it were going to be the case. Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 was the only one to be like that in this series as far as I know, and it looked... expensive, so I doubt they'll do it again.

    I can see why you think it, but There is NO way the manga is coming to an end, too much money to be made yet

    I am still fighting my way through generations at the moment. I will admit, i struggle with this particular type of fighting game even on easy mode. But damn they make getting my ass kicked so much fun. Plus i love the naruto universe so much.

    I should really just catch up on the manga. I have this tendency to run into mega-huge Naruto manga spoilers. I cant catch a break :S

    Am I the only one who wonders why more ninja in Naruto don't use swords?

    Seems like the ones who don't train with a specific weapon just end up using Kunai to defend themselves against swordsmen, which results in far less range and openings for their combat and putting them at a disadvantage.

    I mean, I understand this is a fairly small gripe for a show which is principally about 15 year old ninjas flying through the air using magic on each other but some consistency would be nice.

    That being said, the whole "teleport to fights" storyline was a result of Generations being a "filler" game and not a true sequel. Storm 3 has been in production for more than double the amount of time, so you can expect a much more involved storyline than that of Generations - even if they don't go for a fully realised world like in Storm 2.

      This was meant to be a reply to SerNobulus above, derp.

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