Love Wind Waker? Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is.

The delightful Zac Gorman, who must be a good person if he loves Wind Waker this much, has come up with both a t-shirt and a poster paying tribute to Nintendo's post-apocalyptic high seas adventure.

They both feature different pieces of art, and are available from his store either individually or as part of a package deal.

There's my Christmas wish list sorted. And it's only October!

Wind Waker [Magical Game Time]


    Is this officially sanctioned? - or are you merely promoting the abuse of a nintendo IP??????

      Abuse? How so?

        It is illegal. The maker does not own the intellectual property involved. See the characters on the shirt!!!! Nintendo owns them and their likenesses.

          That's hardly 'abuse' in my books. Illegal, yes, but abuse suggest that it's awful, or the game is awful. Neither of which are true.

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