Luke And Leia Use The Force In This First Taste Of Angry Birds Star Wars

Now kiss! Rovio doesn't deliver sibling smooching in this first gameplay teaser for Angry Birds Star Wars, but they do give us lightsabre-swinging and pink Force-pulling, so I'll forgive them.

Is it possible for a pair of cartoon birds to possess a smouldering sexual tension? You probably shouldn't answer that. Just enjoy the strangeness of this bizarre crossover, due out November 8 on Android, iOS, PC and Mac.


    My four year old is going to lose his shit over this!


      Not shown in the movies, but I would have thought she'd get something inherited. With genes like that, how could she be merely normal?

        Depending on how much you buy into the extended universe, Leia actually trained with Luke to develop her force powers after ROTJ...

          I was about to say this.

          So yeah, she actually does have force powers, just not in the movies.
          Mannn some of that post RotJ stuff is INCREDIBLE! :D

      Yes she does. Just doesnt know how to use em.

    The Star Wars fan in me does not like this at all.

    At least they appear to be adding new ideas to the gameplay, I suppose.

    Omg lykw star war is so kawaii meesa a nerd for liking it

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