Madoka Magica: Beginnings May Be Better Than The Series

Madoka Magica: Beginnings May Be Better Than The Series

Madoka Magica is an award-winning anime series, famous for deconstructing the “magical girl” anime genre and turning it into something more akin to a psychological thriller. More than that though, the series is beautiful, mixing several disparate art styles to make an anime unlike any other.

This past weekend, the series’ first movie, Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: Beginnings, was released in theatres across Japan. But far from being a simple rehash of the first half of the anime series, this film actually manages to surpass its source material.

Bad — Nothing New to See Here

Let’s get the bad out of the way right at the start. Madoka Magica: Beginnings is about 95 per cent shot for shot, scene for scene, line for line the same as the TV series. There may be a grand total of 30 seconds of completely new footage in the entire movie. Moreover, the vast majority was indistinguishable in quality from the Blu-ray release of the series, meaning little to no touch-ups were done to the film. However, that’s not to say there weren’t a few visual improvements in the form of additional magical effects, new backgrounds and transformations sequences.


Good — A Better Sense of Pace

So while there was little new in the movie, there were things taken out. The movie covers the first eight episodes of the series exactly and has a run time of two hours and 10 minutes. The series took two hours and 40 minutes to cover the same events, leaving about 30 minutes on the cutting room floor. This is in no way a bad thing.

If the TV series had one problem, it was that it spent too much time discussing and re-discussing the same information — i.e. what is your wish going to be — over and over with little to nothing new in each iteration. Many of these, along with exposition scenes (i.e. how telepathy works) and silliness not related to the overall story (i.e. hiding their adventures from their friends and families), are simply cut from the film.

The abridgment also serves to make Homura’s power far more mysterious as the clock motif (sans her room) and close-ups on her shield are completely cut from the film.

The only major — and questionable — cut was the opening dream sequence from the first episode which foreshadows not only the climax but also the driving secrets of the plot. This seems like a rather major part to leave out, but we’ll find out next week when the second film comes out whether it means anything or not.


Good — If Any Anime Deserves a Second Watching, it’s Madoka Magica

While I complained about Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning being a rehash, there is a major difference between it and Madoka: Madoka is far deeper. Upon a second watching, and knowing all the plot twists and character motivations, it almost becomes a new story — not about Madoka but about Homura. Suddenly the story can be looked at as Homura being the only sane person in an insane world — and the only one who really has a clue about what’s really going on. Moreover, many of her lines have double meanings that can only be appreciated upon a second viewing.


Final Thoughts

Going in to Madoka Magica: Beginnings, I was sure that there would be nothing new in the film — that it’d just be a useless cash-in. Yet, almost against my will I was drawn back into the story. The movie was perfectly paced — more so than in the anime — and an astounding amount of content kept the story interesting for the full two hours and 10 minutes. To say I am looking forward to the second movie, Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 2: Eternal is an understatement. Luckily, I only have to wait until next weekend to see it.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: Beginnings was released in Japanese theatres on October 6, 2012. It will be getting a limited release in the United States starting October 19, 2012.


  • Eeh, the series was great, I never found that there was too much fluff so i’m a bit disappointed this is simply just a rehash of the same content.

  • Can someone put a spoiler warning in the headline or abstract? I’m good having seen it, but wow, this is not a series I’d want to have had spoiled for me.

    OT – Aww, that dream sequence was great at the start. Really sucked me right in, because it exhibited the fantastic art style of the Witch’s realms, which you otherwise don’t see for a while.

    • That art style what what hooked me into giving the show a chance (didn’t regret it). That and the music that was playing which later became the ending theme. I loved that song.

  • Ending pissed me off. Fine with the self sacrifice, just saw an action flick recently (not saying which) that totally did it justice, but Madoka was lame. All of the girls still die, her best friend still kills herself to save that asshole piano guy, and girls are still being tricked into fighting until they die. Really shitty, and it was just uber depressing. Up until that ending it was one of my favourite anime’s evar, but even as far as non-happy endings go it still made Madoka’s entire journey feel completely pointless. She changed nothing.

  • Is anime going down the Hollywood path now and doing reboots/restructuring of old properties? The new Evangelion movies are like this too. Not that they aren’t better though.

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