Magician Lord 2, The Neo Geo Pocket Color Cartridge That Time Forgot

Sometimes I feel I missed out on a lot of special gaming moments in my childhood by never owning a handheld console beyond a brick GameBoy... which I used almost exclusively to play Pokemon. I made up for it with a youth spent playing PC games, but that doesn't help me truly appreciate rares finds, like this previously unseen prototype for a Neo Geo Pocket Color game called Magician Lord 2.

Going by this post on Gamekult (in French), the site that revealed the cartridge, the game is comparable to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The best way to get an idea of how it plays is to watch the clip below.

When I see old game cartridges resurface like this, it makes me wonder what other retro treasures are hidden away in boxes around the world. Maybe in 20 years we'll see prototypes of Assassin's Creed or Halo popping up on websites. It won't prompt the same levels of nostalgia — there's something distinctly low-tech about a cartridge compared to a CD — but then, who knows what we'll be playing games on a couple of decades from now.

More screenshots, photos and videos can be found over at Gamekult.

[Gamekult, via Retro Game Network]

Images and video: Gamekult


    Oh, and you know they're so bad how? Have you released a game on there? I must have misesd it. I also never heard complaints about WiiWare's performance from the developers of other good (assuming Retro City Rampage will be good of course) WiiWare games like World of Goo (which sold more on Wii until they started selling it for peanuts/free on PC), Lost Winds 1 & 2, NyxQuest, the whole Bit.Trip series, and many others. Games like Mega Man 9 which were truly multiplatform releases (with no huge chunk of time between release dates or gimped in features versions as you plan) also performed better on WiiWare. Perhaps you should wait for numbers before condemning any service you want to push your game on? Just a thought, if it's really you and not some idiotic Destructoid troll posting with your name, it's hard to tell with that kind of insane assumptions and guesswork presented as fact from someone with no real experience.

    My god, this looks like it could have been an awesome game! The Neo Geo Pocket Color is one of my favorite handhelds. Wish it would have had more games, a lot of the games on it are very enjoyable.

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