Man, Do I Want This Ridiculous Bouncing Borderlands 2 Grenade

Man, Do I Want This Ridiculous Bouncing Borderlands 2 Grenade

I don’t put too much stock in grenades in Borderlands 2. They never seem to do enough damage, and aren’t as direct and to-the-point as a good solid bullet to the face.

But I might put a bit more stock in them if I had a grenade like this one, as uploaded and demonstrated by 5haow5. It’s a legendary MIRV/Bouncing Bettie hybrid grenade mod that can be farmed from the “Wilhelm” boss in “End of the Line”. Looks like I’d better make a return trip to that crashed train… I haven’t been farming this game at all, and clearly I’ve been doing loot wrong.


  • You’ve never put much stock in grenades? On my first play through I killed The Bunker with 3 grenades. They were incredible, they made The Bunker bleed an ocean of numbers.

    • See that pulsing purple circle it emanates? If any enemy intersects that, it instantly does the last explosion/mirv. I’ve been using mirving explosive grenades the whole game. My favourite one was a sticky one I had around level 20-25, because I find judging the bounce to be quite difficult with normal grenades…

      • Ahh well that’s different then 😀

        I’ve been using a sticky fire grenade for a while now. Great for people above you and behind cover. Just throw it at the cover and laugh. I know I used a whole lot of MIRVs in the first game though.

  • Grenades in BL2 are so handy now! – at the start I had a wide area shock grenade – for several seconds lightning would arc out and destroy everything’s shields… then I moved on to a sticky corrosive MIRV which could almost take down a crystalisk if you could get it underneath them (otherwise attach it to an enemy and watch it shower its friends with acidy bomblets)… now I think I have some sort of crazy homing fire-wave deployer and haven’t even touched the elemental singularity grenades yet!

  • The grenades are awesome. You must be doing it wrong. I’m just bummed out I can’t have more options equipped on the fly.
    Love using the ones that leech enemy health during intense firefights too. Grenades were great in the first BL too.

  • Grenades are extremely useful and powerful. They can usually one shot the weaker guys and put a huge dent in the health of bigger guys. Elemental grenades are very useful too, especially corrosive. Corrosive is really kinda overpowered. I haven’t tried it in BL2 yet, but my favourite tactic in BL1 is to attach a sticky grenade to a guy, let his grenade avoidance AI take him back to the rest of the group and then *bam* problem solvered.

  • I will o my simple 13000 dmg explosive mirv nade thanks. Has less then 1 second fuse to so just aim throw and explodes almostant instantly. I think it is 1250 – 1300 x 9 and I can carry 6 of them. Hahaha nothing can survive them lol

  • I just found a gernade that has 5 different effects it has the longbow effect tracking mirv that steal health and the first gernade is a sticky

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