Mark Of The Ninja Is Now Available On Steam

It's not everyday I drop a post saying 'oh, look everyone, this random game is now available for you to purchase', but for Mark of the Ninja, I'll gladly make an exception. As someone who is currently about two thirds of the way through the game on Xbox LIVE Arcade, as someone who thinks this is a genuine game of the year contender, you have to play this game!

I don't think I've ever played a stealth game with so much polish. In the genre there's always a need to suspend disbelief, to sort of play with the game, to not exploit certain mechanics, to not simply kill everyone. Sometimes you have to make that active choice to get the best from stealth games. But with Mark of the Ninja, there's no need to condescend — the design is so water tight, and the execution so perfect, that everything just works.

Mark of the Ninja comes highly recommended from me, you can check it out on Steam here .


    Fess up. It's true, isn't it: You just like the title.

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    Agreed man. Have been waiting for this game to come on pc since having boycotted xbox live haha

    Now I'm just waiting for GMG. QUICK GMG ADD IT INTO YOUR LIBRARY

    "Sometimes you have to make that active choice to get the best from stealth games."

    That's how I felt playing through Dishonored. What a let down.

      I've always found the choice not to kill to be its own reward. same goes for not being seen. Never really understood why people find not exploiting things so difficult, I don't judge, I have a friend who ruins every game he can by cheesing things, but I don't understand it.

      On topic, yay! was so happy this got announced for PC, just finished the third level without killing or alerting anyone, which is almost too easy with the games regular saves, but I see a lot of speed run potential here.

    Shame there's no demo, I'd be interested to see how the PC controls are done

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