Master Modder Makes Xbox 360 Into A Surprisingly Sleek And Slim Laptop

Benjamin J. Heckendorn, more easily known as Ben Heck, makes a lot of cool stuff. He's made laptops out of the Atari 800 and Commodore 64.

He's used household objects to help make a controller that severely physically disabled gamers can use. He's even made an Xbox 360 controller dispense Hot Pockets, because why not?

In the most recent episode of his web show, Heck builds an Xbox 360 laptop. And not just any 360 laptop: he makes the machine as small and sleek as possible.

So how large does an Xbox 360 laptop have to be? The answer is, not very. Though he does admit, at the end, to leaving out the hard drive for reasons of space, heat, and power. But with a handful of easy-to-reach USB ports on the Laptop 360, storage is still easy to find.

Episode 52: Watch Ben Heck's Xbox360 Laptop Episode [Element 14]


    Personally, I can't wait for portable xbox's that are sold commercially. Even if you could only play single player, long road/plane trips would be more fun with a game like FIFA

      Well it happened with the PSone at the end of it's lifespan. Don't see why it couldn't happen with a 360/PS3.

    Ben Heck is amazing. Wish i could do half of the things that he does :\

    if it still contains the same hardware it's just a new case for a shitty product, why not just get a real laptop and a 360 controller for windows

      Pretty sure your missing the point here buddy. it's a portable 360! for people who prefer the feel of a console over PC.

    Because this is a thousand times more awesome.

    You killjoy.

    becuase there are multiple games on the xbox that are not on the PC

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