Maybe An HD Zelda Game Could Look Like This?

Despite the depth-of-field effects, this isn't a statue. It's a 3D model of Link, done by games artist Chris Brincat.

It is now also near the very top of my wish-list as to what an HD Zelda game should look like on the Wii U.

Though ideally such a game would ditch the fairy.

Link [Where is my Mind?]


    No thanks.

    The face and hair look a bit dodgy but otherwise I like it.

    The title has bad grammar.
    Also Link's face looks funny

    He looks a little too much like a "bro". Definitely needs that simple Japanese face.

      This. The thing I love about Zelda is that the graphics are always clear enough to make out - they don't get muddy and from this, they age very well. Twilight Princess tried to look realistic, but it was still clear and rich in colour compared to many games.

      Most Nintendo franchises follow this ideal and benefit from it: Mario, Zelda, even the Super Smash Bros franchise simplifies models and designs for clarity.

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