Maybe Capcom Was Right. Resident Evil 6 Is Selling Well In Japan

Maybe Capcom Was Right. Resident Evil 6 Is Selling Well In Japan

Despite taking a beating from some critics (including two of our own) Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 appears to be a hit in Japan, nearly doubling the sales of Resident Evil 5 in the same time period.

The Japanese sales-tracking service Media Create shows the PlayStation 3 version of RE6 selling 634,933 and 92,921 in its first two weeks of sale, for a total of 727,854 copies sold.

Media Create archives maintained by a user on the gaming message board NeoGAF put the PS3 version of 2009’s Resident Evil 5 at 319,000 and 61,483 for a total of 380,483 in its first two weeks of sales. (Sales of the Xbox360 version of this and any other game in Japan are much lower, because Microsoft’s console is not popular in that country).

Gaming industry news site Gamasutra notes that RE6 received a near-perfect review in leading Japanese game magazine Famitsu and has sold well in the UK. US sales are unknown, for now.

Resident Evil 6 offers players four playable campaigns which showcase different styles of play, from the creeping survival horror of the early games in the series to the more Hollywood-action-move adventure of RE5. The game’s deep lean toward the latter has made it controversial for critics and even one of Japan’s most popular gamers. But if the game sells well, who will Capcom listen to in the future? Any critics who panned Resident Evil 6? Or the droves of fans who, at least in Japan, appear to be buying it?


  • Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City was a completly rubbish game yet sold really well too. So the issue here is not that Capcom made another “good” game and we are somehow confused as to what a good game is (we are not by the way). Rather it’s that there are childish fanboys who buy anything with a prestigious name instead of using their critical thinking capabilities and a fair dose of self discipline to 1st recognise a crap game, and 2nd to not buy that crap game.

    Good sales of a hyped game to uninformed gamers does not mark a successful game, it marks a temporary successful financial gain for Capcom until gamers fully understand their mistake in judgement and don’t support in future, the ruined Resident Evil series starting with “Resident Evil 7”. (dont believe me? Look at the sales figures between Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2, 13-2 sold 1/3rd of the copies 13 did in it’s 1st week on sale.)

    Oh and while im at it. WILL YOU MORONS STOP PAYING TO WATCH THOSE GOD AWFUL RESIDENT EVIL MOVIES PLEASE! You only encourage the rape of well respected series by making these poor ventures a financial success. – Stupid Monkeys.

    • The last Resident Evil movie was good; it was a cautionary tale:

      Why you don’t let your writer/director husband convince you to star in movie after movie until your career has tanked so hard that no other director will touch you with a 10 foot barge pole ^_^ sorry Milla Jovovich, you can sit in the corner and stop “acting” now

      • I think Ultraviolet was the nail in her career’s coffin. What has she done besides RE sequals?

        Notice how Ali Larter is nowhere to be found.

    • I completely agree with your sentiments. It truly saddens me that people are supporting such a terrible game off the back of its name, but odds are that RE6 has damaged the brand, and that people will think twice in future.

      That being said, I’m not sure if Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 is a good example, being that 13-2 was a spinoff title. I don’t think the terribleness of Operation Racoon City, for example, drove people away from purchasing RE6, due to it ‘not being a true sequel’, or a ‘numbered game in the series’. People tend to judge the series as a whole less harshly when the terrible or average games are restricted to spinoffs or ‘side-stories’, but tend to remember the terrible and/or average games that are part of the main series. The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is a great example. The past few games in the main series (Colours/Colors, Generations and Sonic 4: Episode 2) have been really solid, bordering on fantastic, but a lot people still seem to believe that there hasn’t been a decent Sonic game since the Dreamcast era (or even further back, for some of the ‘purists’).

    • we watch the movies cause we like em. So you dont like the movies, your problem. go cry and listen to ur emo music you poor soul.

      Slot of us like the RE films so suck it up and stop trying to force ur opinion on us, just makes you sound like a bad person with a very shit personality.

      Atleast I enjoyed watching the movies while you lost 2 hours of ur life per movie hahaha suk shit.

  • I agree 100%. I say they need to make one more resident evil game. All main characters die. Put thus legendary series to rest before they ruin it even more. As for movies, 1 & 2 were good. Rest crap. I actually returned my game guy said lotta people were.

  • What Banefire said. PLEASE stop paying theater prices for those hollow movies. It kills me when people say they know the movies are garbage, but they pay to see them anyway. WTF FOR?! That’s why they have Redbox. For the money you pay to see one bad RE sequel in the theater, you can rent the entire, boring collection for 24 hours.

    It’d be nice if we could get a decent RE adaptation on the big screen in my lifetime, but that won’t happen until they stop making the sh*tty ones, first!

  • You know, if they removed all QTEs and patched in an extra few bosses (instead of making you face the same one again and again) this game would be just mediocre and bearable.

    As it is though…

  • @Banefire, speak for yourself. I enjoyed Resident Evil Operation Racoon City and plenty other players have as well. I’m also enjoying Resident Evil 6. Your opinion on both these Resident Evil games is… well… just an opinion and not facts.

  • Mm who will they listen to, a bunch of begrudging keyboard warriors who want games to stay the same or the millions of people who have embraced the game and its changes. Absolutely loved the game and my judgement is grand thank you very much. If millions of people like something maybe it your judgement that wrong and instead of whining bout it go play something else and leave this series to.those that appreciate it

  • Hmmm… Capcom continues to be profitable and makes triple AAA stellar hits for over 20 years or do they change their direction because of moany gamers? I still believe that the game industry surprises me every year and since 1980s for me gaming has gotten better and better. The last Res evil 5 was played most by me and it felt epic. With res evil 6 it’s a fight for dear life across multiple locations and I can see what capcom is trying to do… Basically showing that killing zombies is not just confined to the typical ‘oh I’m stuck in a village scenario’. Okay I’m a fan and can’t wait to see my heroes beat the crap out of zombies anywhere!!!!

  • Firstly, raccoon city wasn’t made by capcom. It was a terrible spin off of a great franchise that has been kicking royal ass in the zombie genre for nearly 20 years. Resident evil 6 however was by far the most epic, enjoyable resident evil experience and the only reason why some complain is that ‘it’s not like the old games’.. really? Would you like to go back to being stuck in a building searching for the one key for over 8 hours of game play constantly retreading your steps over and over until finally you open that door just to be stuck in yet another area for hours? Resident evil 6 was the logical step for the series, it was always heading toward a massively epic action shooter and it delivers better than any other shooter while still retaining all the elements that made the series successful. I’ve played the games since the very first appeared on the playstation One and I know exactly where and why capcom have taken the series this way. The people who complain that this isn’t a true resident evil game don’t know what resident evil was always meant to be; an action horror shooter. Resident Evil 6 is my game of the year!

    • I totally agree with snak3, he took the words right out of my head. I really enjoyed RE6 it was like a breath of new fresh air and a big improvement in the controls,gameplay,graphics etc.. I really enjoyed the storys as well it was epic to see how they all connected like a puzzle and makes you think “ohh so thats what happened” Capcom have made a genius of a game and they have tried to make every RE fan happy from the old schooler classics to the new action type RE games and i dont mind playing both styles as im not picky with game changes and Ive been an RE game since RE1 came out for PS1 and im not one of those fanboys or should i say half those fanboys who want the old RE style back becos if it was me i wouldnt want to go back to that style i mean Get over it we are in new-gen gaming and if you guys want the old RE games go buy a ps1 console or download an emulator and play it there and shut up about it for God sakes! Anyhow i know this games had mixed reviews but personally i loved it and it has lots of replayability especially co-op is so much fun its got me hooked playing online with different people, i’ll have to say this is game of the year for me on my ps3. If you want to add me for some co-op gameplay on the psn network feel free to, my username is: frankcrank1

  • Resident Evil 6 is by far one of the worst games I’ve ever played (sits next to Final Fantasy XIII).

    I mean, how can action game feel so padded? At first, I didn’t believe the naysayers, but then I tried in its full-form and my god, all you do is break crates, open doors and engage in tedious battles. Plus, the chapters go on for too long and not a whole lot actually happens in the plot department. It also has the worst puzzle designs in Resident Evil history, almost laughably bad.

    Oh, and do you remember the time where you fight a horse, a t-rex, then a house fly at some point? Even the villains in this game were a terrible joke. What happened to the bad guys like Nikolai, Wesker or Chief Irons?

    As a huge Resident Evil fan, I found this to be a soulless game that suffers not from an identity crisis, but simply amnesia. Resident Evil 6 is an experience in repetitive tedium.

    I mean, let’s face it. The metacritic scores are 67% and 76% respectively. You know, something went wrong somewhere. Surely, you cannot deny that.

  • Jeeves i understand your opinion and you have a point some bosses were just weird and not creative like t-rex or fly monsters but i really enjoyed battling them lol. I know RE6 feels like it doesnt fit into the RE universe because theres no exploration much its like from point a to b but sometimes theres times where you can explore in corners etc… Leon had nice puzzle here and there but it didnt last long. The thing why i say i like this game is because its something new and different and just progreses a story after wesker has died so i give my hat to Capcom for having the time to make a new story after weskers death. I still keep RE4 as my all time favorite because its nearly perfect mix of horror and action and had its moments and more exploration and wasnt fast paced like RE6 but then again i havent played an RE game that made me say this game sucks! Because like i said i dont judge to harshly for new RE games and just think of it as a brand new game. Theres worse games at there seriously yous shouldnt be saying RE is crap, its definitely worth a play and has lots of suspense and keeps you on your toes. I must say the only creature that frightens me the most is Rasklapanje i think thats how you spell it but its similar to a Regenerator and cant die without submerging it in fire, best monster in the whole game.

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