Medal Of Honor Warfighter's Xbox Live Open Beta Starts Tomorrow

If you're all excited about EA's upcoming multinational FPS, then tomorrow's your lucky day. The open beta for Medal of Honor Warfighter comes exclusively to Xbox 360 tomorrow, bringing with it a new game mode called Hotspot.

Hotspot requires co-op teams to scurry back and forth across the map to defend or lay siege to randomly selected locations. The map available in the beta will be set at Sarajevo Stadium in Bosnia, and players will be able to choose from 12 elite military units from across the world. There's also some business about unlocking a new Linkin Park video early if sign-ups hit three million. But that's not really much of an incentive, is it?


    Hmm, I really liked the first game, so I'll have to hook up the 360 and grab this to check it out, even though I played the first on PC.

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