Medal Of Honor’s Crass Marketing Campaign Reaches Its Inevitably Stupid Conclusion

And here we have it. It’s the video for “Castle of Glass” that Linkin Park made especially to help EA sell copies of Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

I’ve already said my piece about this mortifying promotional campaign, and how much I wish it had never happened at all.

I don’t doubt that plenty of people’s hearts were in the right place on this one. And hey, at least there’s no in-game footage in the video. It’s never a bad thing to honour the troops, especially those who have given their lives in defence of our country. But I also don’t doubt that EA would very much like to sell millions of copies of Medal of Honor, and I know what it looks like when a company wraps their product in the flag in the interest of self-promotion.

Warfighter will be out soon, and we can see for ourselves whether the game truly honours fallen soldiers or not; whether its tin-eared promotional campaign was an isolated issue, or a reflection of the game itself.

In the meantime… well… here’s a music video.

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