Medal Of Honor’s Crass Marketing Campaign Reaches Its Inevitably Stupid Conclusion

Medal Of Honor’s Crass Marketing Campaign Reaches Its Inevitably Stupid Conclusion

And here we have it. It’s the video for “Castle of Glass” that Linkin Park made especially to help EA sell copies of Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

I've already said my piece about this mortifying promotional campaign, and how much I wish it had never happened at all.

I don't doubt that plenty of people's hearts were in the right place on this one. And hey, at least there's no in-game footage in the video. It's never a bad thing to honour the troops, especially those who have given their lives in defence of our country. But I also don't doubt that EA would very much like to sell millions of copies of Medal of Honor, and I know what it looks like when a company wraps their product in the flag in the interest of self-promotion.

Warfighter will be out soon, and we can see for ourselves whether the game truly honours fallen soldiers or not; whether its tin-eared promotional campaign was an isolated issue, or a reflection of the game itself.

In the meantimeā€¦ well... here's a music video.


  • I dont see the big issue here.
    Its a promotional tie in.
    I dont see it as much different from a game poster or commerical.

    Correct me if i am wrong here but its not doing anyone any harm. Its not portraying anyone in a negative light. If anything its showing how aweful war can be.

    I get the feeling there is something else here that is REALLY pissing you off thats got nothing to do with the specific promotion.

    • I agree with you – I dont see anything wrong with this.

      If this is how EA want to increase visibilty to potential buyers – so be it. Great that Linkin Park want to get behind such a thing. I dont really care either way to be honest.

      Marketers have to increase the way they get their products to people right? This is just another way of doing it. In fact, that fact that its annoyed you that much to write this article show its doing its job, even if its negetive or positive.

      Im still getting it….

  • I suspect the author has some kind of vendetta against Linkin Park, as with many people these days. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, Kirk. Just cause you think it’s stupid for MoH to feature Linkin Park doesn’t mean everyone else does.

    I wonder if he also has a problem with Avenged Sevenfold writing music for the Black Ops series? We’re at two dedicated songs now (Not Ready to Die and Carry On in Black Op’s Call of the Dead map and Black Ops II’s zombies campaign, respectively) plus the bonus feature of Nightmare in the Moon DLC for Black Ops.

  • No in-game footage? I’m not so sure about that… That bit at 2:37 looks mighty like in-game footage, or at least a pre-rendered cinematic. And there’s a short first-person view there, that doesn’t look quite real… Maybe I’m just seeing things…

  • Linkin Park didn’t make this video for EA, it was the other way around, and if you were trying to be some jackass and make EA sound like some greedy ass company, then congrats for trying. Of course sales are important, but this game was obviously made to honor the soldiers more so then for profit or else they wouldn’t have gone to the troubles of recreating these actual stories for the game.

    • Well, that explains it. Have to say I’m a little disappointed in LP for allowing this obvious marketing ploy, but they’ve been on this route for the past couple of albums… besides, I don’t listen to their music for the music videos (Breaking the Habit aside – that one was awesome).

  • It’s pretty obvious what Kirk is going on about here; this whole Linkin Park/video game marketing crossover is trashy and embarrasing, especially when those involved seem to be taking it so seriously with their “vision” when it’s just a generic modern military FPS.

    I like these kind of articles because they vindicate my opinion of tacky things like this which are only enjoyed by two groups of people: those with awful taste and teenagers.

  • What’s the problem? Seriously, what is the problem? It’s just a promotional tie in, and it’s been dome before. The only reason this article exists is because the author doesn’t like Linkin Park, and he’s trying to turn his personal problems into news. Go away.

  • I think Kirk’s issue with this is the promotional campaign being a little disingenuous. A rock band and a video game company revealing their bleeding heart for the brave men and women that fight for Anerica … You don’t have to be an overly cynical person to scoff at that. Personally I’m in the fence about it, I don’t really care. I’m just explaining that Kirk’s dislike for this campaign has nothing to do with any dislike for Linkin Park.

  • Not the most interesting Linkin Park song but I don’t really have an issue with the clip. There have been far worse cross over efforts associated with videogames, this one was fairly restrained and thankfully free of the flag waving patriotism usually associated with the genre.

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