Medal Of Honor's Most Annoying Bug Makes My Soldiers Stop Caring

"Hurry up and wait." It's a common phrase used in the US Military, one that encapsulates the often frustrating tedium of life in the armed forces.

"Hurry up and wait" may apply to real life, but it probably shouldn't be true in a video game. Or at least… not to this extent. But this kind of thing keeps on happening in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, even after the hilariously massive day-one patch. The video above was taken from the PC version of the game after the patch had been installed. I'm hoping that it's a bug and not a droll commentary about life in the military.

Much like its obvious influence Call of Duty, the single-player part of Medal of Honor: Warfighter relies heavily on scripted events. Unfortunately, the scripting is… often a bit off, as you can see here. In the game, my team and I had just cleared out a courtyard of dudes. We headed into this alley and then… well, waited. And waited. It's like they just gave up, stopped caring! Sometimes an objective marker would appear on my screen. Sometimes it wouldn't. I had no idea what I was supposed to do next.

I wish I'd left the tape rolling for another eight seconds, at which point my squad leader, out of nowhere, said, "Let's go through the window!" before opening it so that the game could continue. Yeesh.

I'll have a full review of Medal of Honor: Warfighter up on Kotaku tomorrow.


    so what your saying is...... its identical to the last game?

    Seriously happened in the airfield level and the mountain level. wtf danger close

      Did the last game have a level that was basically a 4 minute long cutscene with a single click for "gameplay"?

    This reminds me of Modern Warfare 3, I wanted to kill my team member for constantly telling me to hurry up, when I was already ahead of him and waiting for his slow arse to get to me.

    I did on several occasions kill him in frustration. Well worth restarted the stage just to shut him up for a second.

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