Meet The Crazed Genius That Is Borderlands 2's Next Playable Character

Gaige will be the next playable vault hunter in Borderlands 2 when the Mechromancer DLC releases on October 16.

She comes with a metallic companion named Deathtrap, and this just-released ECHO recording explains Gaige's science project codenamed Project DT. Hmm. Deathtrap. DT. Beating people up. I wonder...


    is this the same VA as tina? cause.... it just sounds like a less annoying version of her...

      I wonder if they're related, I thought the same thing.

      No. Tina was voiced by Ashley Burch, the sister Anthony Burch, the guy who wrote the game's story. According to Anthony Burch's Twitter, Gaige is voiced by Cherami Leigh.

        FAIL, I meant "sister OF Anthony Burch"

    Twitter account
    They've been slowly releasing info on the new character.

    Her dialog already sounds like it would annoy me whilst playing as her. Unless she has some unique skills and play style, I'll avoid her.

      To be honest, Zer0's dialogue is pretty annoying already... Not sure about the other characters.

        Really? I enjoy his dialog. You know he speaks in the form of haiku's right? Some people find the pacing really weird.

        This. I reckon Zer0's the most boring character in the entire Borderlands series. Sure he talks in haikus, but who gives a shit? He has no personality, has no wit and just has no appeal whatsoever in his character. I only play him because I really enjoyed sniping as Mordecai in the first one

          Yeah his dialogue is just a bit cheesy and cliche. Like running over an enemy in a vehicle: "Oh, was that a speedbump?" but said without any kind of sarcastic tone. I don't think I'll be using him for playthrough two.

    she doesnt seem annoying to fact I found Tiny Tina to be more funny than annoying excuse while I go find the badonkadonk

    No wonder she sounded cute, she is, Cherami Leigh that is

    She's one of the main reasons I pre-ordered. I just hope DT can act as a tank/target for bosses.

    Why is this tagged as xbox, when all 3 versions of the game get the dlc.

    I can't really understand why everyone is so annoyed by Tiny Tina. I found her amusing as hell.

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