Microsoft And 343 Unsurprised By Halo 4 Leak

You'd think everyone is used to it by now, and it looks as though they are. Halo 4 leaked late last week and, speaking to Polygon, 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor claimed he was not surprised by the situation.

"This is how surprised I am about this," he said, before shrugging his shoulders.

"There are people putting the whole thing on YouTube," he added. "Microsoft is addressing that a single case at a time, it just takes a little while to handle."

It's interesting: high profile video games are released during every holiday period, but the Halo series seems more susceptible to this sort of thing that, say, Modern Warfare or The Elder Scrolls. Are Halo games simply anticipated more by a specific subset of fans, or is there an issue?

343 Studios unfazed by apparent 'Halo 4' theft and piracy [Polygon]


    Inb4 Luke puts up an article spoiling the campaign.

      I think it's more likely that Tina Salami will manage to give away everything of importance in the title.

    But there was a tweet from the developer saying how he used 3 years to develop Halo 4 and please refrain from spoiler theft or something like that. It feels kinda big deal to him

      I guess, now that it's out of the bag - or whatever metaphor is most apt here - there's not much he can do. From the wording of the article, it sounds like it's the full game - given that we're within the "gold" phase (that is: Release Candidate finalised, sent to publish for printing and packaging). I would assume that a copy walked out of one of Microsoft's production plants (I know they've got one in Malaysia, not sure whether they have one in China, I'm sure there are others). If that is where the leak is, then there's not much that any of the devs can do about it at this stage. I agree, it's a little disheartening for O'Connor and 343 if Halo fans are spoiled this close to the finish line.

        But I think it will be alright. Just like what happened with RE6 leak. That was way longer leak than Halo 4 is. It totally depend on the fans reaction to it. To me I've ignored every single halo spoiler video. Blocked any post on it from facebook and did not open any halo 4 post on kotaku. I hate spoilers TBH

    Oh well. Going into anti-spoiler lockdown a few weeks early won't kill me.

    Of course it's more susceptible than CoD or Skyrim - CoD's campaign is short and uninteresting, Skyrim is far too long to be able to spoil easily. Halo's is interesting but nowhere near as long as an RPG, and has a devoted following to boot. There are few high-profile story-driven FPS nowadays, so of course Halo is a prime target.

    I've had it ruined by some idiot on a random halo video on youtube / completely unconnected to halo 4 and he ruined the ending in 3 swift points. This sort of evil behaviour astounds me, really.

      I think I've got a fair idea of one of the things from the books and an update to one of the game modes made me think why would they go through the trouble if they didn't put it into the campaign.

    At the end of the day. Pirates were going to steal the game no matter what. I'll still be buying it day one.

      So pirates show up at the end of the game? Cool but... THANKS FOR SPOILING THE GAME U JERKOFF!!

      j/k ;)

    "It’s interesting: high profile video games are released during every holiday period, but the Halo series seems more susceptible to this sort of thing that, say, Modern Warfare or The Elder Scrolls."

    Nope, it's because Halo games sit in the warehouse for longer as Microsoft puts a more targeted release date for the holiday season compared to other games despite finishing the game much earlier.

    Master Chief dies!

    Lol, jk, I don't give a shit about what happens in Halo.

    I think that this can actually be a good thing.
    I used to love Halo but haven't played since not long after Reach launched.
    I was not interested in this game whatsoever.
    I caught the leak when it hit and checked a few vids.

    I am now buying Halo 4 after what i saw, so many others not interested in the game who checked out the leaks may feel the same.

    Must of been someone at the Disc manufacturing plant.

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