Minecraft Documetary Due On December 7. Hopefully.

You may remember that Minecraft: The Story of Mojang — a plannned documentary by 2 Player Productions — found its way to Kickstarter in early 2011. Now it looks as though the finished piece is close to release, with director Paul Owens shooting for a December 7 release.

Owens told Eurogamer that December 7 was the target, but the studio "hasn't quite settled on the exact date."

Jeffrey Matulef from Eurogamer managed to see an early cut of the docu which features Tim Schafer and Peter Molyneux amongst others as it follows Markus 'Notch' Persson for a period of almost a year — apparently it's "fascinating".

I'm pretty keen to see it.


    Awesome! Can't get enough of videogame documentaries.

    Even though I've largely lost interest in the game, I'd still love to check out the doco to see how it all came about.

      Just when you think you've lost interest in MC, along comes someone to recommend a awesome mod...

      ...check out Tekkit, It's awesome! (multiplayer friendly too... assuming you have a server)

    Someone let us know if this ends up screening at Dendy or something. Had a blast watching King of Kong and Indie Game: The Movie. Wouldn't mind adding this to the roster.

    Minecraft is actaully better in Alpha than the current version, I've downgraded, haven't been theis hooked on Minecraft since I started back in 2010!

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