Minecraft On Xbox 360 Gets A Big Pile Of Updates, Including Creative Mode

The Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft received a big patch today, to version 1.8.2.

There are a big pile of little tweaks and additions included in the update, from animations to new items to tweaked drops.

The most fun, though, is the addition of Creative mode to the console version of Minecraft. In creative mode, enemies don't exist and players don't take damage. In other words, it's all about unbridled creativity with the resources at hand. And when left alone to build, Minecraft players can get quite creative indeed.

MCXBLA Title Update change logs [1.8.2 Title Update 5] [Minecraft Forum]


    Where are they getting the money for all these updates?

      I dunno, I thought Mojang was sitting pretty...

    I played last night. We couldn't find ANY sheep so couldn't make beds and had to wait out the nights in abandoned villages haha.

    Didn't see any villager NPC's....?

      4j tweeted they will be in another update

    Awesome, I have been waiting for creative mode I even have stopped playing this for a while.
    I know what I will be doing tonight :).
    This should shut up the Minecraft PC snobs for a while.

      Unlikely. It's still WAY behind the PC updates. And, ya know, mods and plugins.

      If it were up to date with the PC version it would be a definite buy for me but I just don't think I could go back that many updates.

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