Minecraft Overtakes Modern Warfare 3 On Xbox LIVE

When was the last time you can remember a game that wasn't some type of Modern Warfare/Call of Duty title sitting atop the Xbox LIVE activity charts? I'm guessing it might have been Halo 3 on launch. Maybe. And that was a long time ago. Before that it? I'm guessing Halo 2 dominated. Now? It looks like the Minecraft reign has begun!

Unbelievably (or perhaps not that unbelievably, considering the game is past 4 million sales) Minecraft is now sitting atop the Xbox LIVE activity charts, a testament to just how massively successful this game has become. Personally, I'm surprised. I wasn't sure if a game as freeform and directionless as Minecraft could really penetrate the Xbox 360 audience, but it has. Massively.

Make no mistake: this is a pretty big deal. It'll be interesting to see how Minecraft holds its ground against big releases this year like Black Ops 2 and Halo 4.

LIVE Activity for week of October 15 [Major Nelson]


    Despite having only played Minecraft for a week or so (on and off, on collectively) this news actually makes me pretty damn pleased.

      You my friend, have made a wise investment

    As a teacher that often listens to K-2 students talk about there COD adventures this is very pleasing to see. Anecdotally playground chat has made a shift towards minecraft fot this age group

      As a teacher that doesn't seem to know the difference between there and their... :P

      I had my mum come to ask me the other night about what this "minecraft" thing is, having a few younger kids she sees constantly rabbiting on about it.

        K2 teacher. Doesn't need to know much spelling. More ABC's and child control

        Man confusing those two is a pet peeve of mine and I have made the stupid mistake. Guess that will teach me not to post whilst teaching.

    It's great. But when bo2 comes out I'm sorry minecraft will drop

    Halo Reach has been on top at least one month guaranteed. I believe it could have been 2 or 3 months...not sure.

    I still keep coming back to this:

    Notch: "Man, @#$%! Microsoft! They're everything wrong with gaming. #@!$# Windows 8, how DARE they ask to help make sure my game is certified for their child-killing app store! They're worse than HITLER!

    Also, MC on Xbox is pretty cool, made me millions. Thanks MS!"

      You keep coming back to strawman arguments? Your parents must be so proud.

    I am not surprised by this at all. Among my circles, Call of duty activity is stagnating. Often with my "regular" mates are spending a lot more time on games like minecraft and other XBLA titles rather than logging onto cod. I think this is a combination of the ageing of the call of duty franchise and the lack of diversity across each instalment.

    After 3 months of MW3 i felt like i had already been playing the game for 2 years because it as so much like the previous games. Add to this that the dlc was pretty bland, i think most people have finally reached their limit. Will be very interested to see what happens in 3 weeks when black ops 2 comes out. Could it be possible that a COD titles DOESN'T break a record of some kind?

      I think I've lost interest in competitive multipalyer in general. There's no unbreakable system out there and I don't want to have to do what amounts to cheating in my pereception just to be able to sustain a half decent k/d ratio. I know that I'm not great at games but being constantly flattened is no fun at all.

      I'm glad that people are becoming more interested in co-operative and creative games. One can hope that the presence of Minecraft on the Xbox will uplift the community as a whole.

        Ahh there will always be "THAT GAME" that attracts the sort of people who play COD. I should know , im a self confessed addict.The instant gratification and quick arcade style game play make it accessible to everyone, this means even the meat heads play it.

        My hope is that the cod franchise, if it doesn't fail can evolve to something a little more cerebral over time. But ultimately, its making activision billions in its current state, so why change it

      I was almost the exact same as you except I got there earlier. I played COD4 a LOT for about 2 years until MW2 came out. Played that for about 2-3 months max before getting sick of it. Didn't even get MW3.

      COD4 was a great, great game - well balanced, very simple killstreak system that worked really well, and well designed maps. MW2 felt like they'd just thrown in a bunch of ideas and maps that had probably been rejected from COD4 just to add some bullet points that they could point to as things they'd improved (or at least changed) from COD4. But it ended up just feeling like a very bloated, diluted version of COD4's much more focused experience. It was kind of like they took a diamond and turned it into a lump of coal instead of the other way around.

        I agree with this, sunk 2 years on and off on cod4. I think map designing on most games has gone down hill. They have moved away from the formula that worked. 2 distinct spawn sides. 3 choke points, 1-2 vantage points on either side of the map. These are the things that made cod4 work for me. Now maps seem to be badly designed rabbit warrens that make it too easy to be spawn camped and the like.

    Does anyone else get headaches from playing this game in front of large TV screen?

    After 45 minutes my head just starts to ache. The FOV in the game is quite narrow and makes everything feel so close!

    I would love it if there was an option to make the visuals look like the MCX360 promotional art at the top of the article...

    Realistically, a number of games have beaten CoD on XBL over the years, but it keeps coming back. I think it'll take a little more time before the infection is wiped out for good.

    There is. Get a HTPC and mod minecraft out the wazoo.

    Considering how big popular the game is, I am not surprised.

    As for the top spot......I kind of get the feeling people might be playing other games like Minecraft before Halo 4/BO2 will dominate their gaming time lol. Congrats to it for getting top spot either way though!

    I'm under the impression it's succesful because gamers today are finally getting sick of the negative attitude over LIVE, particularly from non-gamers and Dudebros. In Minecraft, they don't hear crap like, "lol BK n00b!", "teabag him!", and "Who wants to buy a rank 50 account?".

    Tried Minecraft for a few days and didn't get hooked. Killed some creepers and made some giant cabins in the sky but just didn't care for it. I lost of a lot of time to it though, I wouldn't realise how long I had been playing until I finished up. Just didn't care to back it after 20 odd hours.

    Awesome news. Now, if only Microsoft would stop clogging up LIVE with trash and skinnerbox crap! ie More actual games please Bill!

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