Minor Console Aggravation: Those Darn PS3 Installations

Download a game on the Xbox 360 or the Wii and you're good to go. You can play it. Download a game on the PS3 and you just might have to then tell the PS3 to install it.

You have to manually install any game that you have downloaded in the background. This is strange, sort of like the PS3 is getting back at you for being an efficient multi-tasker. By allowing background downloading, the PS3 is respecting your time and not forcing you to sit through a download. But by requiring you to find the bubble icon that represents the game you just downloaded, click it and install the game, it's just finding a different way to hassle you. Why do I need to tell the PS3 I want to install the game? What else does this system think I want to do with the game I just downloaded??

This wouldn't be so annoying if installing a decent sized game on the PS3 didn't take a couple of minutes — and block the PS3 from doing anything else while the installation is happening. Ugh.

Sony seems to know this is an annoying requirement. It automates installation if you're downloading the game regularly (not in the background). It installs games automatically if you've set your PS3 to shut down via the shutdown option in the system's cross-media bar. (Thanks for that tip, Twitter friends!)

Why does this requirement exist? I never remember to ask Sony people, but I have a theory: you probably have to install background-downloaded games manually because the installation process takes over the PS3 when it starts. As annoying as the installation process is, it would be worse if it kicked in and took over the PS3 while the person operating the PS3 was using the system for something else. Hey, your background-download is done! We're installing the game now, so you just sit tight and don't mind the long interruption!

Six years in, this is one of the PS3's just-deal-with-it flaws. Every system has its annoyances. Don't get me started on the 360's miserably slow Game Library interface. PS3, your mandatory installations are your worst! (Oh, and I wish the machine would remember that I want the Y-axis inverted. My 360 does.)


    "Look at this annoying thing! Totally sucks!

    Oh, wait, completely valid reason for it.

    Grr" ?

      Look at this totally annoying comment!

      Oh wait, it is annoying. Fuck off.

        Your comment if by far more annoying and offensive!

        Grow up!!

        It's really annoying how "gamers" hate on everything and everyone. I guess it's because they hide behind the Internet wall! In real life... It just makes you a jerk!

          I once farted on the set of Blue Lagoon.

    How is this a flaw. You just said why they don't auto install (so it doesn't disrupt what you're doing). So how is the console not doing sonething disruptive a flaw??

    I swear... There is just no pleasing some people these days. I really don't get why an article is necessary to bash this even if it were a flaw. But hey, I guess that's just what you expect here

      The real question is, why does it have to drop EVERYTHING that it is doing in order to install a game? Something the Xbox can do in the background.

        I guess Microsoft must employ some people who know how to make an operating system work correctly. :P

        Nah, when you install an game from disc, on Xbox360, you still have to wait till it's done. Though, yes, Downloadable content games on 360 don't have to 'install.' Also, a little tip for anyone who doesn't know (how, I don't know), is turn on Background Downloads in settings, so your 360 will continue downloading after you shut it down, and will turn off fully after finishing downloads - good for downloading large files overnight.

    I'm more annoyed about the permanent Singstar ad that sits in my game section as of the last update.

      Me too. No option to remove it, that I can see.

      I know who even uses the singstar store ?

        I have zero interest in ever using Singstar. I want that icon GONE.

    Dem third world problems.

    This isn't the complaint i was expecting. I thought it'd be about where the install bubbles appear, personally I consider having the option to download before installing a feature.

    Also yes that Singstar is annoying as hell.

    Also I think the above post meant to say first world problems, I assume.

    There's my trinity of problems today that I'd prefer to live without but can live with just fine! What are yours?!

      It was a sarcastic comment, meant to say third. :)

    You know what is a minor flaw? Moving the trophy icon and asininely reorganizing it after I have it perfectly fine. Also not having the games in played order, while in online mode while playing a game, because theoretically if you're playing an old game, you may have to scroll through dozens of games depending how many game you have. Also I think this only bothers the xbox gamers who play the ps3, Like it did to me once I made the change, but now it doesn't bother now.

    Last edited 27/10/12 10:49 pm

      I assume that the trophy list was moved because some executive decided that people weren't visiting the PSN menu often enough.

      The hope being that when they check on their trophies they might decide to take a look at the store or log in to Home and buy some virtual underpants.

        Probably the same bullshit reasoning behind the permanent Shitstar ad. God damned hipsters, piss off of my XMB... wait I mean Sony's XMB.

      You can change how the list is ordered by pressing triangle

        I have changed it but it only has newest updated (Whether that means newest played or newest first playing, I don't Know ), Which for some reason decided to have Double Dragon Neon on top even though the only game I have been playing for the last month, Borderlands 2 in the 5 slot after red dead, Singstar. So the reorganising also got messed up, Good job, Sony... You really know how to mess up a really good thing.

        Last edited 29/10/12 12:35 am

      What about Videogamers who have both systems, Mr Garrison?


    I looked up asinine in the dictionary and got linked to this post.

    If it's a PS1 game I'm actually glad it does that. Saves me downloading it twice, I can send a copy to my handheld before i install it on the Ps3,

      That's stupid. Why can't you just transfer the game after it has been installed?

    wondering why kotaku hasn't released the news that the ps3 is completely and utterly f**ked and sony are screwed? i'm referring to the keys that were leaked a few days ago

    If you look really closely you can spot the PS3 fanboys.

    Installations? The only problem I have is trying to move that bloody "Sing-star" virus that has been included with the latest update!

    Author seems to have forgotten that downloading in the background wasn't part of the original OS, it was added in a few months/years after release. So there's the real reason: because they didn't bother putting any effort into streamlining the process because they were either extremely pressed for time or extremely lazy, and it's only when they saw how flawless the 360's Dashboard was that they crapped their pants and tried to fix their awful, awful OS...

    you know what's even worse?

    after you install that, you have to then download every update...

    if i am downloading it digitally from psn, please download all of the updates when i download it the first time, finally downloading a game, then having to wait another 20 minutes for updates is ridiculous...

    Metal Gear Solid 4 had to install after every main section. But that's ok coz IT'S ***** AWESOME!!! Also, having an smoke with Solid Snake breaks the 4th wall! :D

    Last edited 28/10/12 12:19 pm

    Easy alternative:

    select the 'shut down after downloading is complete' option, it downloads AND installs.

    Firsty, you lot would be the first to start ranting that you were playing a game or watching a movie, and the framerate dropped to 10FPS, because the disk trashing that occurs during install.

    Secondly, just tick turn off after download, and it will install all your downloaded games that are pending install.

    Really, that wasn't so hard now was it... The install games from the shutdown menu means you are telling the PS3 you aren't doing anything, and it's safe to install them without it interrupting anything else more important.

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