Modern Warfare Map Returns, Minus The Offensive Imagery

Earlier this month, one of Modern Warfare 2's most popular maps, Favela, disappeared. The reason was that the map contained imagery some players found offensive: holy teachings written in a bathroom.

As previously reported, in a single room on the map, two paintings had been hung whose frames contained a decorative representation of a quote attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, which reads "Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty". Those paintings were hung in a bathroom, one right above a toilet, and didn't appear to be found anywhere else on the map.

According to MP1st (via (Eurogamer), the map has returned in a recent 17MB update for the PS3 version. The picture frames remain, but the decorative quotes have been removed. You can see the edited version above. There's a pre and post edit comparison below.

Favela Returns [MP1st via Eurogamer]


    lol makes me wonder how or who actually did this if they knew what they were doing or not

    All hail our Muslim overlords! They get offended by pixels and the world cowers in fear

      A group makes a reasonable request and it is acted upon. Nothing more or less.

        This bright spark again? Why don't you go back to where YOU come from Maseline?

        I completely disagree. I think the request is fairly reasonable and that Muslims have a right to ask other people to respect and be sensitive to their culture. However to say that it's "nothing more or less" is a bit simplistic when you consider that there is a strongly perceived threat of violence from this group if the request is not carried out.

        I assume you're arguing that the perceived threat of violence is unfairly assumed by the ignorant and racist, and while I do agree that there is a large anti-Muslim backlash since 9/11 which taints any of these discussions, I think these sentiments are somewhat justified by the continued murders committed in the name of Islam.

        It was only last month that several people where killed in Libya by enraged Muslims for insulting their religion, and I'm sure that Activision where acutely aware of that when they made the decision to remove this religious imagery from their game. Whether people should be upset that these requests are being acted upon is up for debate, but the issue is clearly more complicated than you make it out to be.

    That looks like an incredibly lazy censor job. "Let's spend two weeks drawing a black border over it!"

      They haven't made any original content in years, so the imagination was lacking.


        That burn :D

      Yeah... They could have at least put a brown gradient... or something! Reminds me of censor bars...

    There is something seriously wrong with a person that gets offended by something like this while virtually killing opponents.... I mean come on...

    Im offended that homosexuality is punishable by death in some Islamic countries and by imprisonment in the rest. I expect them to patch this in a future update. You know, for cultural sensitivity reasons...

      You want things to work both both ways! How dare you! Off to the stoning pit with you!

    Yeah it's a bit rich that members of the least tolerant of the major religions are out complaining about 'cultural sensitivity'.


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