Mornings Just Fall Into Place When Your Coffee Comes From A Tetris Mug

To be honest, this Tetris mug would probably drive me crazy. I would fill it with my morning coffee and then wait for that one long piece to fall. And I'd be waiting forever, because it never, ever will.

But the board will vanish as if it had, when I finish my coffee (or when I forget to finish my coffee, and let it sit around long enough to go cold). Because someone has finally applied the magic of heat-sensitive paint to the magic of Tetris licensing.

Just don't put it in the dishwasher. That'll give you a permanent game over.

Tetris Heat Change Mug [VAT19, via This Is Why I'm Broke]


    Yeah, my OCD would absolutely melt my brain after using that once. It'd be like having that pic of the line of pencils with one out of place as my desktop..

      Yeah. I'd hate it lol. Very cool, but it'd drive me insane.

    They were selling these at ACMI during the Gamesmaster thing. Picked one up, very cool!

    It'd be a lot cooler if they had set it up so that the cold version is the "after" state of the hot version and the cold version was the base for the hot version. That way, when you finish your coffee and it cools down, it looks like you just cleared a bunch of lines and can tell your boss you were productive.

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