My Awesome New Borderlands 2 Gun Won't Stop Judging Me

Like I mentioned yesterday, I felt like I was in a rut for a little while with my Borderlands 2 arsenal. But suddenly, upon starting the first, pirate-themed DLC, I wound up with an embarrassment of great weaponry. When it rains, it pours (bullets).

Among the guns I got was a unique Hyperion sniper rifle (not actually tied to the DLC) that does 1,000 damage (!) and is super shiny looking, to boot. But there's a catch… every time I reload, it lambasts me in a shrill, nagging tone.

"Well at LEAST you stopped SHOOTING for a little while!"

"If you were a better shot, you wouldn't need to reload!"

"You're a bad person."

You can get a sense of the gun in the above video, uploaded by YouTuber Daniel Turnbull. The best thing about this gun, called the "Auditing Morningstar" (??), is that while it's annoying, it's not too annoying to use. Unlike the cursed the cursed "Bane" submachine gun, which both makes a hellacious racket when firing and restricts your movement, the Morningstar is actually a great weapon, with that one… minor… caveat.

"Oh great. Now you're wasting ammo!"

Stop judging me, gun! You think you're so great? God!


    Still using this! i have blocked the nagging out now. husband skill!

    thats actually a quest reward you get from a quest in the highlands (from hyperion no less) that requires you to kill 100 bandits.

      I sold this without trying it...

    That weapon is an explicit reference to the webcomic xkcd

      Really? It's not ringing a bell. Do you know which comic?

        Not the comic, the actual website. The gun is called the ex-k seedy gun

          The gun in the vid is the Auditing Morningstar (well, 'Something' Morningstar - mine is the Longtitudinal Morningstar), I have heard there was an XKCD gun though. I don't think either myself or my wife found it.

            After playing the game a few more times through, sometimes it gives you the mourning star, sometimes it gives you the seedy. not sure exactly how it works

    It was annoying, I lasted an hour it bugged everyone I played with and we broke up when I got the Buffalo.

      Haha I'm sure that was exactly when I changed from this weapon too. The buffalo's damage was so far beyond the hyperion sniper I had to change. Of course that was back at level 30 or so. It's also long gone

        Same, well I did store it away. I felt bad about selling it.

    Least it isn't passive-aggressive.

    "Oh wow, that was a excellent shot! I mean, considering the fact that you can't normally aim for shit, that was great!"

    the shield was better, made my mecro sound like a man

    "by not giving to charity, you are indirectly murderiing thousands of people" . Nice, now I'm a monster...

    I had a shotgun that did simalar things, would talk everytime i reloaded like 'empty already?'

    I love how Kirk considers finding a weapon 4 weeks after the game came out news. I'm sure the majority of players have already found several talking weapons.

      Yeah, and then blogs about it. Slow news day.

      Dude, it's a cool weapon and a lot of people probably still haven't seen it. I hadn't. So why mock the guy who showed it to us? Your prior knowledge of the subject matter in an article doesn't make the article invalid, it just makes you a dick for whining about it. Kirk's doing his job, shut up and let him do it. Thank you, have a nice day.

    I grabbed Moxxie's favourite weapon yesterday and I spent all afternoon freaking out bcause it makes my controller vibrate constantly. Took me about 6 hours to realise why it was her favourite. Really can't wait to see what else this game has in store for me.

      The funny thing is, if you keep tipping her, she gives you better versions, sometimes saying, "This is my favourite gun." more than once.

    I hated the talking shield (the core you can turn into a gun or shield) It was funny but.

    This gun also talks to you while you have it holstered and are using a different weapon, such as "you can't ignore me". Also headshotting with it makes it insult you. Best of the talking weapons i've come across.

    "a unique Hyperion sniper rifle ... that does 1,000 damage (!)", haha, I remember when 1000 was a big number :p

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