My Best Guesses For This Scribbenauts Tease Involve Nintendo Characters. Yours?

This image for the 3DS/WiiU-exclusive Scribblenauts Unlimited was teased by GameStop today. Who are they graying out?

My first guess regarding the silhouette on the left: Epona, from Zelda. And on the left? Isn't that Princess Peach's crown? I guess she's with Mario and Luigi.

Or I'm completely wrong.

Thoughts? Photoshops?


    "on the left: Epona, from Zelda. And on the left?" <-- two lefts don't make a right, Stephen

    They look like pokemon to me, but i'm probably completely wrong.

    left: is the mario crew: yoshi, peach, then two others i can't make out.
    right: unsure.

    It'd make sense for a WiiU exclusive to have Nintendo characters in it.

    I think that's Yoshi's tail on the far left as well.

      Good eyes!
      if you follow the outline up it appears to be consistent with his head shape

    And if it's anything like Scribblenauts, it'll be gimimcky blehh with no real substance behind it. Just like the WiiU!

    Damn you Bayonetta 2... Gonna have to get one...

      "gimimcky" for those without imagination maybe, love the scribblenauts game's, hour's of hilarity will ensue with a WiiU version for sure.

    Looks like Pokemon to me. Epona or Ponyta?

      Do you mean Ponyta with the tongue-ring, or are we thinking of two completely different things here?

        Ponyta is a ridiculous pony. Oh god I hate you so much Ponyta...

        I reckon it's Mario & Co. on the left side and Link & Co. on the right.

    What happened to this coming to PC!?

    Right is Epona, Link and Tingle. Left Peach, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi.

      that bulb shape on the right may be a goron's head which would explain the zig-zag pattern below that, which would be its back
      this is pretty fun!

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