Mysterious Dangers Stalk Survivors In The Next Episode Of The Walking Dead

Around every corner is yet another danger. Around every corner is another hard decision. Another mystery, and more paranoia.

Around Every Corner is the next episode in the fantastic episodic series of Telltale's The Walking Dead series. We find our group of survivors in a new area (episode 3 spoilers) — Savannah, GA — fighting against both zombies and human threats alike.

How long can you keep Clementine alive for? Things seem to spiral more and more out of control...

Episode 4 will release at an undeclared date this October (Xbox 360, PS3, PC/Mac), followed shortly thereafter by the 5th and final episode of the season. Check the new trailer above and the new screenshots below.


    Man, me thinks me need to start playing these games :P

      I thought the same thing shortly before Episode 2 released. Best decision I've made this year. Seriously addictive if you like a strongly decision-based story.

    I will not cave into any of the mystery persons demands in eps 4 as I don't think they have any clue who Clem's parents are.

      Haha, yeah, they seem just a little bit suspicious, don't they?

    Looking forward to Ep4!

    Just hope Ep 4 is back to being as long as the first 2 episodes.. Episode 3 was VERY short by comparison. The story was great and the puzzles decent enough.. just the amount of content, from my perspective, was around half that of the first 2 episodes..

    Last edited 03/10/12 1:03 pm

      Ep3 might have been a tiny bit shorter, but I felt it amazingly more impacting than Episode 2. Though yeah I am hoping 4 is the longest episode so far :) Lets hope 5 is a brilliant season ended :)

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