Mystery Manor Blitzes Its Way To The iPad

Every day more and more social games are dipping their toes into the mobile market, perhaps hunting for firm footing in the face of Facebook's big mobile push. Now one of the social networks most beloved hidden object tiles takes the iPad plunge with Mystery Manor Blitz.

Mystery Manor is one of those relaxing object hunting games aimed at people that enjoy staring intently at the screen, hand hovering over their mouse for hours on end. A nice glass of wine, a little Mystery Manor, that's a pleasant evening.

Mystery Manor Blitz, coming soon to the iPad from developer Game Insight, takes the hidden object formula, adds a timer and leaderboards and sets players loose in the mansion of Mr. X. They'll go room-by-room, racing against the clock and their friends. Power-ups will be available, but the highest score goes to players that do it naked.

In order to enjoy an evening of this game you might want to put that red wine into one of those beer hats with the tube straws attached. It's a classy look.


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