Nazis In A Submarine Fighting Demons, Subbania Is Your Weird Game Of The Week

HTML5 and JavaScript-powered gaming is still in its infancy, with Flash owning the lion's share of browser-implanted gaming activities. This didn't stop one enterprising developer from devoting two years of his life to crafting a game made purely of HTML5 and JavaScript. It's called Subbania and boy, is it trippy as hell.

It's kind of like an underwater shoot-em-up, but the line-of-sight rules remind me of a roguelike. So, yeah, I'm not entirely sure what it is. You scoot around in a submarine, firing giant torpedoes at your foes. They start out as harmless lifeforms like fish and whales but, as you can see in the screenshot here, they eventually transform into more bizarre and dangerous creatures.

The creator, who goes by the handle of "ektomarch", describes the game like this on his blog:

Nazis in Hell fighting demons.

Yep, I can get on board with that! He goes on to mention the full game features 20,000 lines of code, 25 tunes and a staggering 118 levels. That's a lot of content. You should get between three to five hours out of it, though five is more likely, he says.

Chrome and Firefox-optimised demos of the game are available to play and if you like the cut of its jib, you can purchase the full version from the Chrome Store for a measly $2.99.

Subbania [Chrome Store]


    I'm loving what I heard of the soundtrack. The tone of the game seems amazing as well. Definitely checking this out.

    Looks great. I love the old school feel of these games that fits so well with the oppressive creepiness that gradually builds..

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