NBA 2K13 Misspells Oklahoma City's New Uniform

Multiple images leaking out last night show NBA 2K13 featuring Oklahoma City's new alternate jerseys — with the team nickname misspelled as "THUDNER". What's crazy is that everyone seemed to miss the misspelling the first time it was posted.

That image above comes from Operation Sports' Steve Noah on his Twitter account. Daily Thunder, a fan site following the team, appears not to have noticed until its commenters pointed it out. Paul Lukas at UniWatch didn't miss it, and found a mobile phone pic of a screen that also carries the misspelling.

The shirts aren't yet in the game, assuming 2K Sports doesn't pull this back. Oklahoma City has only its home and road jerseys under the latest title update for Xbox 360 and PS3) So I don't know how people are getting their hands on these screens. I've pinged 2K Sports for an explanation and will update the post when they give one. Until then, I'm dumbfounded. Flabbergasted. Thudnerstruck, even.

Update: This comes from a roster uploaded to the 2K Share feature. A hex-editor managed to pull out all of the alternate uniforms, including the Christmas jerseys, that typically aren't made available until they are worn in real life. PS3 users aren't seeing this because their game can't be cracked in this way. Kotaku has downloaded the roster and confirmed the misspelling.

Putting the 'Thud' in Thunder [UniWatch via Deadspin]

Top image: Operation Sports


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