Neversoft Artist Seeking Help With Mother’s Apparent Murder

Neversoft Artist Seeking Help With Mother’s Apparent Murder

Sad news this evening from Hercules, California, where the mother of Neversoft concept artist Simon Ko has apparently been murdered.

ABC reports that Susie Ko was found dead in her home late on Friday evening, while the family’s sky blue 2011 Subaru Outback (with Idaho licence plates) is also missing.

While police have “no motive or suspects in the death”, they are asking anyone in the area with information on the case (or on the whereabouts of the vehicle) to call police on (510) 724-1111.

Our thoughts are with Simon and his family.

Hercules woman’s death investigated as homicide [ABC]

Friend’s mum was murdered in Hercules, CA yesterday night. Her car is missing. Have you seen it? 2011 Subaru Outback, sky blue, PLATE #: 1A1F680 (State of Idaho) [Reddit]


  • Kotaku, If i where a concept artist working in the gaming industry and something as horrible as this happened to a loved one, I WOULD NOT wan’t it splashed on an international gaming entertainment website. How can Australians/New Zealanders help with the investigation?
    I’m not being hateful at Kotaku, just thinking maybe they should be given a little bit of privacy.

    • I didn’t think there was any mention in the article about people in Australia being able to help.
      The article clearly includes a link to reddit where the information had already been mentioned.
      Reddit gets a couple more hits a day the Kotaku. If Simon didn’t want it splashed across the Internet he should have words with his friend.
      Are you suggesting that this doesn’t qualify as gaming news??

      • Yes it does not qualify as gaming news. The mere fact that a murder victim has a son who happens to work for a company that creates games does matter. If her son was an astronaut would her murder be deemed astronomical or aeronautical news? The purpose of the article on Reddit was to supply the licence plate number of her stolen car. Its just in bad taste to put this on Kotaku AU.

        • I am sure that it would. Tragedies in the direct family tend to be considered news worthy to sites pertaining to the industries of the family.

          Besides, it may just happen that someone who reads Kotaku AU has connections that can assist, or may be able to assist themselves. The internet community, when not fighting amongst itself, can be very powerful when focussed on a common goal. Location means very little these days.

          • Sorry but I have never seen this. Perhaps on a companies site that employed him – but really – you are claiming that this is commonplace? That someone could help in Australia is fairly far fetched thus this article is being merely sensationalist. Note that Kotaku does not provide much info at all -not even to relate the license number.

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