New Borderlands 2 DLC Erasing Some Players’ Badass Stats

New Borderlands 2 DLC Erasing Some Players’ Badass Stats

Players on both the Xbox 360 and PC platforms (PS3 appears to not be available for download yet) are reporting bug issues with the latest patch and download necessary to play as Borderlands 2‘s latest character, Gaige.

According to threads on both the official Gearbox forums and Giant Bomb’s, some players are experiencing a loss of their Badass rank, which was actually a problem players had even before this update. Whether this is a return of the bug, or simply previously unaffected players experiencing the bug for the first time isn’t clear.

Others are reporting more extensive issues, like the loss of character skins, golden keys and full saves.

We’ve tried replicating the problem on our end on the Xbox 360, but everything appears in order. Let us know if you have problems in the discussions below, and maybe hold off on downloading the patch and Mechromancer until this clears up.

Update: Mike Fahey says his progress on the PC version seems just fine too.

We’ve reached out to 2K on the matter and will update if we hear back.


  • it was fine for me last night when i got mechromancer.

    but jumping into a game this morning with my level 48 commando. the game seems to have deleted all my skill points. i was able to reassign them, and my badass points appears to be in tact. either way, weird

  • We have been experiencing this issue since the day after BL2 launch, i’ve lost my baddas rank twice now, i still have all teh unlocks conmpleted, but no added bonus’s or points, which means i cant unlock them again, unless i delete my entire profile and start over.

    Roughly lost 10% on all elemental stats and weapon damage/recoil reduction/reload speed.
    As well as both my golden Keys. its sad really… i love the crap outta the game, on my way through teh middle of a second play through, but since my character has now been gimped (and yes those bonus’s do make a significant difference to someone who has no luck with loot drops) its incredibly hard in some areas, making it more a chore than fun.

      • I’ve had 4 in total now, you get 1 for collectors edition, 1 for joining shift, then more as they release them on twitter, teh keys are shared across all characters

      • You can unlock more golden keys with shift codes. They give them out at random intervals on facebook, twitter and other social media sites.

    • I’ve had the same problem. 🙁 I wish I knew what was causing it. But my badass rank has been deleted twice. Stats are gone but like you said the challenges are still completed so I can’t go back and just do them over again. My skins have also erased. I hope GB comes out with a patch that fixes this soon!!! It’s so frustrating :((((

    • To elaborate for others, i simply turned my xbox on for some BL2’ing last night, saw there was a 3mb patch, said ok.

      Noticed on the character screen i was looking at a level 1 commando, odd i thought. So i hit Y, switched to my Gunzerker (level 28) and loaded up. In-game i went to the skin/head changers machine and noticed i had no skins unlocked, or heads. The current skin and head i am using are gone from the list, but still on my character. Then i checked my Badass rank, 0. All the challenges i’ve done are still there, in their completed state or progress through them but rank 0, and no bonuses.

      Swapped over to my 21 commando, same deal.

      I’m not mad, just sad.


      • Exact same thing happened to me, I thought the level 1 part was odd too… then it really sunk in what had happened, only lost 3k Badass Rank, which compared to some people on here is very little, but it’s still affected my gameplay quite significantly.
        I miss the skins too…

  • i have experienced the wiping of badass data when co-op-ing in splitscreen where the second character has a wiped badass rank but returns once it is used by Controller One. The software that causes this to happen coupled with new software for a new character may be related to the random wiping of badass ranks for players.

  • I had the problem. But, I only started the game yesterday. I cleared the Bullymogs in that little town, saved and quit. I came to it today, and there was only a ‘new game’ option. This was BEFORE actually downloading the Mechromancer. It did ask me to update the game when I started it. Luckily, I’d made little progress.

  • I might avoid all patches until the whole thing is fixed. I don’t get much time to play but i’m not having my BDR wiped xD anyone had troubles on PS3 with the previous BDR bug??

  • i haven’t had this problem like most of the community, but who knows it might be resolved in the near future but before it is im making multiple back up files before downloading the DLC so i hope all of you get your files and hardwork back.

  • So nobody here thought; hey here is a simple solution backup your game saves, it’s really not a hard concept to wrap your head around (on a PC that is, wouldn’t consider a FPS on a console ever myself) I already have backups of mine before I had even heard of this bug. I mean cmon they are like 22kb in size, its not like its going to cost you a great deal of space.

    • A game of this caliber should not REQUIRE you to back up your game in case they screw up an update, it should be thoroughly tested before it’s sent out to the customers. I own it on console, so it is even less viable for me to backup my game (don’t start the whole “FPS on console” stuff, it’s a-whole-nother issue)
      It just comes down to poor testing and responsibility. Your bonus stats actually do make a difference, and to go from a Badass Rank of almost 3000 to 0, it really affects your gameplay and damage output.
      I hope they are able to fix this somehow because it’s really annoying, and the game itself is brilliant.

  • I’m playing on X-Box and I’ve had no problems. The only thing I’ve noticed is vehicle skins dropping more frequently. And that could just be chance. Although screwing around for an hour over 2 characters I got like 4-5 skins.

  • Happened to me last night. I was playing, it disconnected me for the update, I was keen to try the mechromancer. Got to level 4 then presses back button, badass points at 7. Quickly saved and exit. Went to my lvl 40. No skins, no golden key. 7 badass points.. Absolutely shattered. If this cannot be returned to me, I want my $160 back and you can jam your loot chest in your ass.

  • when i brought this game i singed upto shift and was given a golden key i was planing on saving the golden key for when i was a higher leval than when i reached lv 30 i went to use the box and i didnt have a golden key also my badass rank wasnt working but i didnt notice… i than updated the game today with the compatability download, badass rank is now working because my reload speed has increased,golden key problem is still there….I WANT MY GOLDEN KEY BACK GEARBOX!!!

  • I’ve been busy as hell all week. Finally got some time for BL2. Hey look 15k+ badass ranking gone, all of my skins, keys, and fun. Best part is the BA achievements are still completed with no buffs… Pretty sure I’m over it. PS3, XBox, PC, your badass isn’t safe. Bonne chance

  • i was playing BL2 on my xbox 360 online and home
    then i started playing it at a mates house because he got it as well so i signed into my Xbox Live account though his xbox as you can link them up

    i was playing BL2 there for a day then when i got home i tried to play BL2 on my xbox and it said
    “you were last logged onto another xbox playing this game”
    and my character wasnt there anymore and i had to start a whole new character from scratch

    Anyone know why it would do this?

  • Lost my badass rank across all my players last night on my Xbox 360 (my beloved Siren). I’m a massive fan of Borderlands and Xbox in general. Even planning to go as Maya to Supernova here in Perth. But I’m beginning to realize that gaming has little point.

    I’ve had it happen to me on two Gears of War games (twice through, so four times technically), now on borderlands. Shame on me for not backing up. But it’s irritating that you have to nearly damn well save your game in two locations EVERY time. If your games keep getting wiped due to glitches, I might as well take up another hobby. If I go do weights in life, I get muscle, if I work extra hours, I get money, if I do a white-water rafting weekend, the memory doesn’t get wiped. I think it’s time to hang up my gamer hat.

    Either figure out the glitches, or have some kind of halfway restore application. I don’t know. My partner thinks I’m being melodramatic deleting my character, but he rarely gets hit by the glitches like I do. Think he’s going to be a one man gamer. Good luck guys, hope to hear they find a way to restore your characters.

  • I really wish I’d seen this before I’d downloaded the update… not that it would make a difference since you can’t play WITHOUT the update on Xbox. Only lost 3000 Badass Rank (less than alot of you) but it’s still made a big difference.
    I doubt there’s anyway to fix or recover what we’ve lost.
    I love Borderlands 2, it’s an amazing game and I only jumped on board recently (having not had the pleasure of Borderlands) but this has seriously affected my gameplay, and even though I WILL finish it just to find out what happens, it has unfortunately ruined the replay value for me.

    I’m just disappointed.

  • I lost mine a few weeks ago. skins, keys, guns in bank and bad ass rank… needless to say i’m done with the game until they can fix this crap.

  • I lost over 9k of badass ranks on my zero character, there is a major difference from then and now. This crap sucks.

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