New DJMax Really Puts The Vita's Touchscreens To Use

The Korean-made DJMax games are some of the most popular in the PSP's library — in addition to being some of the best music games ever made. Now, with DJMax Technika Tune, it's coming to the Vita as well.

While the PSP games use the D-pad and face buttons in the music gameplay, Technika Tune is completely different. Its new system borrows from the recent DJMax arcade games and uses nothing but the Vita front and back touch screens.

The game also features music from incredibly popular K-Pop group KARA in addition to original rock songs, dance tracks and classical music remixes. To see the game in action, check out the video above.

DJMax Technika Tune was released on September 20 in Korea and September 27 in Japan for the PlayStation Vita. It will be released in North America on October 26.


    time to go n buy myselfe a Vita nao

      Me too. This and Project Diva ^.^

    I'll be rocking the digital version come Oct 26. Between this and Virtue's Last Reward I'm giving my Vita some love this month. Retro City Rampage today as well. US PSN FTW! :D


    I imported the Korean version a couple of weeks ago. This is the most I've played my Vita since I bought it lol

    I heard KARA mister at 1:30

    Last edited 10/10/12 8:58 pm

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