New Halloween Indie Royale Bundle Features Aussie Developer

New Halloween Indie Royale Bundle Features Aussie Developer

The Indie Royale has another bundle out, this time to celebrate Halloween. Like previous bundles, it’ll run for seven days and provide an incentive for paying over a certain amount. For the Halloween bundle, this incentive is the “old school” version of HOME, which comes complete with a town map, game manual and signed goodies from the game’s creators.

As for the titles inside the bundle, they include the aforementioned HOME, the full season of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, Pathologic, MacGuffin’s Curse from Australia’s own Brawsome and Evil Quest. At the time of writing, over 8700 bundles have been sold, with the highest contribution an anonymous purchase for $US155.30.

With six days and 12 hours to go, there’s plenty of time to snap the bundle up, thought the $US4.49 minimum price won’t stay that way forever.

Halloween Bundle [Indie Royale]


  • Got it solely for McGuffins Curse, but I’ll give Evil Quest a shot too. I didn’t like Sam and Max Season 3, I got halfway through episode 3 before giving up. They kept recycling terrible characters I hated like the elves or the mole people, and it wasn’t nearly as good as Season 1 (second half, first half sucked) or 2.

    And scary games scare me.

  • The incentive for paying over the average is actually the soundtrack to Home. There is only one copy of the Old School Collectors Edition available and it will go to the one person who pays the most for the bundle (which is likely to be in the thousands of dollars).
    Damn I should be a journalist I’m pretty good at this facts stuff.

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