Halo 4 Live Action Series Is Surprisingly Great

It's not often you get to see under the helmets of your fellow UNSC military soldiers. But this first episode in a new series of live action films digs deeper into the lives, struggles and drama of the cadets. It serves to humanize a war you may have partaken in for over a decade.

And it's surprisingly good.

It almost reminds me of Battlestar Galactica in how it explores personal relationships, dramatising a tense situation. Anything that reminds me of that show is OK by me.


    That was pretty impressive. It does strike me as a slightly curious tie in to an FPS that's always tended to be fairly cartoonish in its presentation though.

    I'm pretty freaking pumped for this! Looks great.

    That was awesome. I'm subscribed. Keen for this mini-series.

      Though I'll add that the main kid is a dick for not following orders. If he really thinks it's stupid then he should apply himself and try and become squad leader rather than bitching about it. Hell become an officer so he has even more control and rise the ranks so that he can change the culture.

      Kid is thinking small time.
      /rantover :-P

    100% agree

    The intrigue, drama and surprisingly the acting, is very, very good. Already excited for the next ep.

    No wonder it reminded you of Battlestar Galactica, LSO Captain Kelly appears in the first minute!

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