New iPhone Game About Foxconn Draws Attention To Worker Suicides

New iPhone Game About Foxconn Draws Attention To Worker Suicides

In a Permanent Save Statesuicide

The conditions for workers at the Chinese factories where iPhones, iPads, and nearly all gaming consoles are made continue to stay in the headlines, with various reports of strikes and riots both bubbling up and being denied.

Like Molleindustria’s Phone Story before it, In a Permanent Save State seeks to make Western audiences — gamers and device owners — think harder and more carefully about their gadgets. Where does an iPhone really come from, and what are the consequences of its creation?

These are the questions Poynter wants audiences to ask. The game is being released in tandem with an art exhibit examining the same ideas.

In A Permanent Save State [iTunes, via GamePolitics]


  • Kinda stupid. You have to have an iPhone to see these apps. So the only way to support this company is to have an iPhone which means supporting Foxconn.

    Yeah.. Great plan there guys.

    • Ever heard of ‘Preaching to the converted’? If this is to alert people to production atrocities and encourage people to stop supporting iPhones, wouldn’t people who *have* iPhones be the exact people he would want to play this?

      Also, it seems 67 minutes was too long for me to wait, it seems the game has been pulled from iTunes :/

    • It’s about spreading awareness. People wanting iphones is not the problem that needs fixing, it’s the way they’re made. Companies like Apple don’t just rely on the sales of the iphone you would play this app on, but also potential sales from loyal users in the future. if awareness and distaste for this method of manufacture is spread throughout the consumer base it may affect the reputation and potential profit of the company, prompting them to change their activities.

      The apps message would be less useful when received by somebody who already doesn’t support apple. Just like telling a vegetarian about terrible quality meats wouldn’t do anything.

  • I wonder how Foxconn’s employee suicide rate compares to any western company. Doesn’t the old adage of “if you don’t like it, quit!” apply? They’re not indentured servants or slaves, they have every chance of seeking other employment. Maybe societal pressures (send money home to the family etc) are more at fault than the actions of any one company.

    Sure, Foxconn might not be the Happiest Place On Earth(tm) to work at, but neither are a lot of other workplaces; the only reason we know (and (some people) care) is because they make iDevices.

    This feels like Kony2012 all over again.

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