New Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Adds Collectors, Challenges, Creepy Hazards

New Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Adds Collectors, Challenges, Creepy Hazards

Mass Effect 3 is getting its largest multiplayer DLC to date, BioWare announced on their blog today. The update, called “Retaliation,” adds not only new character classes and weapons, but also new enemies, new modes to existing maps, and a challenge feature, with a whole host of unlockables to earn.

“Retaliation”, like the game’s other multiplayer DLC, is free and will be available next Tuesday, October 9.

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation Multiplayer DLC [BioWare blog]


  • It’s not really free though, is it? It takes ages to unlock things and you can spend real money to unlock them faster, isn’t that how it works?

    • You get the new enemies and maps right away, you need to unlock the character classes and weapons by buying crates. It really doesn’t take that long to save the credits for those.

      So yes, it’s free. Unless you want to buy a shortcut – and buying a shortcut is no guarantee you will get any of the new content.

      In short, I am not clear on what your point was.

        • The ME3 MP system is the best. They make money off of the people who choose to buy the packs with real cash as well as in-game credits, and release free DLC so the community isn’t split. Essentially, the lazy and impatient people are paying for everyone else’s DLC. Perfect.

    • Other than having to buy the game first, it’s free. You don’t have to spend more money. It may take a while to unlock characters, gear, mods, and weapons, but not the other stuff. And it only takes a long time if you don’t play often. If you play gold or platinum, then you’ll rack up game creds fast.

  • New enemies? That sounds cool! Hopefully it’s new character models, but my pessimistic side says it will probably be different skins for the existing ones like in the video cover image above.

      • No I did not 🙂 Was busy at work…

        I just watched it, and It looks like one new model (the big spiky thing), but I think the rest are reskins? So yay and boo I guess!

        • They’re not reskins, goddammit. They’re the Collectors from ME2, remade. The basic troopers will be similar, but the huge Praetorians and Scion hulks have completely different animations to anything else in the game, not to mention anything else that might be different that can’t be seen in the trailer’s quickly-cut shots.

  • I can’t believe that a massive update like this – especially with new enemies, the collectors which from the looks of things are not just copy-pasted models from ME2 is free. This is fantastic and i want to play MP AGAIN!

  • It amazes me that people are still playing the ME3 MP. I always viewed it as a rather tedious sideshow that I had to play to get 100% readiness.

    • Also instead of doing all these MP packs – I really thing they should introduce DLC in the form of Co-op story missions. One offs that occur throughout the galaxy during the reaper war. Instead of just more random collectables for a horde style encounter.

    • I stopped playing it awhile back but I genuinely enjoyed it for awhile there. The range of classes made it feel like “horde mode done right”, since you can genuinely co-ordinate and blend your abilities for the best effect rather than just roll with the best weapon and hope your teammates don’t suck.

      While I wasn’t a fan of them putting multiplayer in ME3, I can’t deny it worked. I might even go back to it once there’s some story DLC out – i’m not gonig to go and do multiplayer just for the sake of multiplayer, at least not outside of Halo/CoD.

  • Hell yeahs! I really like the MP in ME3, never thought it was gonna work, but i was glad to be proven wrong. Very much looking forward to this!

  • All the MP DLC has been free. There is no requirement to spend any $$ to enjoy MP but the option is there – the people who do spend $$ on the bioware pts are actually the ones who keep this DLC free for you.

    Besides, why the hell would I want to play this new update with everything available from the start? They Characters, Weapons & Gears are locked so we have a goal to work towards and increase the playability and lifespan of the game.

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