New Paper Mario Trailer Shows Off Stickers And Goats

Or at least one goat. And a boat. And a world map! And lots of other delightful, charming content that the Paper Mario series is known for.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is out for 3DS on November 11.


    wow, more of the same boring, dull, uninteresting, and unimaginative, re-hashed shit from nintendo. Who'd have thought?

      Yet when the next iteration of your favourite franchise comes out, it's breathtakingly original?

      I hate how this game is just jumping on the bandwagon of light-hearted, 2D 3D, action oriented turn-based RPG's. Like the world needs another one of those?!

      Nintendo, they're so "me too". They really need to start working in new genres or they're doomed (this time for realsies).

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