New PlayStation 3 Hack May Be One That Sony Can't Stop

The PlayStation 3 has been around since 2006, and since roughly 2006 hackers have been trying to have their way with it. The system has proven a relatively tough nut to crack, though not an impossible one. The last major rooting incident was back in 2011.

Sony released a major firmware update for the PS3 in 2011, update 3.60. That firmware update in part more or less plugged many holes hackers were using, and prevented modded and hacked consoles from connecting to the PlayStation Network. The work-around, for modified consoles, has been not to update past firmware version 3.55.

Eurogamer reports, however, the block keeping hacked consoles off of PSN has now been successfully circumvented with custom firmware. At the same time, the LV0 decryption keys for the PS3 have been loosed into the wild. As Eurogamer explains:

The reveal of the LV0 key basically means that any system update released by Sony going forward can be decrypted with little or no effort whatsoever. Options Sony has in battling this leak are limited - every PS3 out there needs to be able to decrypt any firmware download package in order for the console to be updated (a 2006 launch PS3 can still update directly to the latest software). The release of the LV0 key allows for that to be achieved on PC, with the CoreOS and XMB files then re-encrypted using the existing 3.55 keys in order to be run on hacked consoles.

The shortest version: the key means that a PC can now easily pretend to be a PS3, and connect and download stuff, which can then be re-encrypted and run on hacked and modded consoles. It's a comparatively painless way to approach what Sony no doubt wishes were a painful process. And Sony may not be able to stop it — at least, not without making every legitimate PS3 stop working too.

PlayStation 3: The Final Hack? [Eurogamer]


    Ouch SDF in 3 2 1 Go!

    Bit slow.... As your link proves -.eurogamer reported this MAJOR news two days ago?

    If this is as easy as what is described and the Average Joe can do it just by looking at a guide it could be really bad news for an already struggling Sony games division, especially since they seem to make more of their money from software sales. Best way to overcome this is to kick the PS4 out with a different security architecture and hope for the best before they lose too many software sales and come down hard on anyone that has a hacked console that connects to the PSN.

    It's not as bad as it seems, the new release requires the console to already be hacked.

    This release means nothing for anyone that is already 3.60 or higher, which is by far the majority.

    Hypothetically, you could downgrade, but this is supposed to be extremely messy and basically out of reach of most average customers.

    ...unless they release a new PS3 revision with changed Lv0 keys and deliver two versions -- pre-Lv0 fix and post-Lv0 fix.

      Like the new PS3 - which apparently has a Lv0.2 key in it, supposedly making it immune (for now)

      So, all this over the "OtherOS" removal, right?

        But OtherOS was removed because it was used as a back door to hack the console. Chicken, egg etc.

          Specifically, the OtherOS was used to gain information in the protected memory of the console. It could never be used to run unauthorised software. Removing it did exactly nothing to improve security, and most likely helped increase efforts to hack the system.

        Well, I think that the PS3 would have been hacked anyway, regardless of the "OtherOS" being removed. Still, it probably did accelerate the process. Many otherwise apathetic hackers started looking into the system due to it.

    If they hadn't taken away a major feature that some of us paid for ie.other's support $ony would be so much better off right now :) serves u right $ony for ripping us off

      Yeah! That dollar sign replacing an S is totally showing them.

      Fight the good fight brother - you show them!!

      And now they've taken away the precious "[email protected]" feature (that you also paid for) I'm expecting chaos of the order of World War 2 to be unleashed upon Sony - forget about this hacking business - its WAR they want!!

    Any chance that it'll unlock the region too??
    I live in hope peps. Live. In. Hope.

    microsoft reaction

    Slowtaku does it again!

    My next console will XBOX

    Moral of the story? You do not fuck with a man who runs Linux on his PS3.

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