Nigeria Withdraws XCOM Funding, President Blames Gas Station "Incident"

In an honest and upfront piece over on serious news outlet Something Awful, the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has explained the reasons behind his country's highly unpopular (with XCOM leaders) withdrawal from the XCOM project.

While a "tragic incident at the gas station" seems to have been the straw that broke this camel's back, he lists numerous grievances with XCOM command, including a decision to send their only Skyranger to France (ignoring Nigerian pleas) on a "UFO vacation" and a lack of satellite coverage.

Jonathan announced that, in place of XCOM personnel, his people's defence against the alien invasion would be handled by a new Nigerian body, called UFO Force. Apparently the organisation "is being given a new base in the former gas station missing several walls and partly on fire. I assure you the fire has not spread to the important parts."

Why Damned XCOM is Abolished From Nigeria [Something Awful]


    This is about as relevant to gaming as a pelican is to cement. Maybe next you could start linking stories about Jamie Oliver because it links to Cooking Mama, or maybe renaissance art because of Assassin's Creed II.

      This is my favourite example this week of COMPLETELY MISSING THE JOKE.

        Waaaay over his head. Even I actually lol'd for once.

      You did read the article, right? No? Well... you're aware that XCOM is a game series, aren't you? No to that too? Ok...

    Aww yeah, lukes gonna cop some shit on this one...


    Nice work Luke. Maybe the Nigerians can fund UFO Force using email scam proceeds??

    Funniest case of author bashing evar.

    It's nice to see at least some comments got the joke.

    The article gave me a good laugh :D

    This is a news article about an AAR on another gaming news website? Unusual...

    I'll admit that sometimes I'll have a bit of a "WTF Luke, really?"
    But every now and then, GOLD. Like this. Seriously.

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