Nintendo Download Update: Pokemon Samurai

Nintendo Download Update: Pokemon Samurai

It’s a pretty big week of eShop releases this week, no where near as big as the retail games hitting this week however. But if you’ve got some spare change after picking up Pokemon, Dishonoured and XCOM then you might want to consider one of the titles this week on the eShop.

Pok√©mon Dream Radar (Nintendo, $3.90) A companion title title to recently release Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 (yes even though they’re on the DS), Dream Radar allows you to catch Pokemon and import them into your main game through the magic and fun of augmented reality.

It’s a quick and simple game meant to get 3DS owners into the Pokemon DS games and perhaps convince DS owners to pick up a 3DS as well.

Hana Samurai: Art of the Sword (Nintendo, $9.10) Remember a little game called Samurai: Art of the Sword revealed at E3 2011? No of course you didn’t, but if you did and you’ve been hankering for it then Nintendo’s finally got around to renaming it and releasing it here in Australia.

This is a hack and slash with a difference, you’ll be rewarded by being patient with your sword-play and the game does have a fair amount of content. I downloaded it in February on my American 3DS, yeah that many months ago.


  • I wonder what was wrong with Sakura Samurai (The original name)? It seems like it might be a fun game. Kind of gives off that Okami vibe.

  • Yeah I’m sick and tired of the western wings of Nintendo butchering voice acting, sound tracks, titles, names, cover art and artwork in general etc etc

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